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By Niki Bruce
6 Aug 2020

Why should you appreciate the beauty of bespoke jewellery?

Appreciating the artistry and individuality of bespoke jewellery calls for a keen sense of observation. Bespoke jewellery sets you free from the conventional limits of mass-produced retail jewellery.

appreciate the beauty of bespoke jewellery EMERALD NECKLACE

You will be inundated with choices from a jeweller who will declare them ‘unique’, but uniqueness cannot be represented in the plurality of retail jewellery. Exceptionalism lies in exclusivity. You are unique and you deserve something equally inimitable.

Bespoke jewellery gives the opportunity to explore your innermost sentiments and imaginative capacities. It leads you to express them in the beautiful curves of an entirely personalised piece of jewellery art. Bespoke jewellery is all about creating something truly original. 

appreciate the beauty of bespoke jewellery BRACELET

Think of a custom-made diamond necklace or a diamond engagement ring. This evocative piece of craftsmanship highlights your passion for something absolutely authentic. This is the height of individualistic expression when you can adorn yourself with something crafted singularly for you. Bespoke holds a special meaning as it beautifully encompasses the wearer’s deepest feelings within its gorgeous contours.  

The process of creating bespoke jewellery

Personalised ‘bespoke’ jewellery starts and ends with you. From conceptualising the idea, giving form to imagination with the help of an artist, to overseeing the entire process of jewellery making, until the incredible idea develops into the finished product – you remain involved in every step. 

appreciate the beauty of bespoke jewellery DIAMONDS

Bespoke jewellery allows you the freedom to conceive something that is not only supremely unparalleled, but inspired. With something bespoke, you will not be perturbed by the numbing sameness of every diamond necklace displayed at the local retailers. That is an absolute privilege only bespoke jewellery can offer you.

appreciate the beauty of bespoke jewellery DRAGONFLY

The process generally starts with a thorough consultation with the designer. This will form the groundwork as you collaborate to create something completely out-of-the-box. This is also the stage when you look at the numerous elements of metals, style, gemstone, timeline, budget and so on. 

appreciate the beauty of bespoke jewellery DRAGON

Though these components are defined clearly at this initial stage, they can be adjusted according to your preferences. Designing bespoke jewellery involves a creative approach where originality and ingenuity are the main driving forces. Bespoke jewellery is handcrafted to perfection. It will withstand the test of time to survive through generations to be worthy of being handed down as precious heirlooms.  

Bespoke jewellery is not as expensive as you might think

Whenever the word ‘bespoke’ crops up, more often than not, it evokes a sense of intimidation. It is  usually associated with being expensive. When it comes to creating these pieces, budget is a crucial factor, but only related to how much you want to spend. The gemstones you choose will range in price, as will the precious metals, but the designer will work within whatever budget you have, and if you are using an existing piece of jewellery, the prices can be amazingly reasonable.

appreciate the beauty of bespoke jewellery DRAGON NECKLACE

Most of the time, a bespoke piece of comparable specifications will be much less expensive than the one sold off the shelf. This is quite common as retailers tend to mark up the price to cover their expenses. You will be happily surprised with a bespoke creation that does not burn a hole in your pocket. 

More than anything, however, a bespoke creation remains cherished for the sentiments and memories it conveys, rather than only for how much it costs.

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