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By Niki Bruce
23 Jul 2020

Why is Diamond Symmetry essential for a perfectly cut stone?

The perfect diamond is the combined outcome of an exquisite rough stone and effective craftsmanship. A diamond’s brilliance attests to the science and technology of cutting, polishing and symmetry employed to create its intense sparkle.

The 50.05-carat, D-color, Flawless briolette-cut diamond is from Diacore. Courtesy of Diacore. Photo by Robert Weldon for

The perfection of a diamond’s cut depends to a great extent on the finesse of its symmetry and polish. Though the modern jewellery world is highly appreciative of abstract and asymmetrical shapes, the archetypal favourite diamond is still sought after for its flawlessness and precision of shape.

Diamond Symmetry for perfectly cut diamond RAW

What exactly is Diamond Symmetry?

A diamond’s symmetry refers to the ideal consonance and arrangement of every facet on a polished diamond. A gemologist evaluating a diamond’s symmetry must assess multiple factors including the form and size of each facet; the size and position of the culet in comparison with the table; and exact alignment of the pavilion facet with the crown, all aspects of diamond cutting.

Is there a scale for Diamond Symmetry?

Grading Diamond Symmetry has been standardised by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as an integral part of its “Cut Grading System”. Symmetry, scrutinised under 10x extreme magnification, is further separated into two categories. The first category is facet-related symmetry highlighting the uniform placement and balanced arrangement of facets, and then there is the proportion-related symmetry. 

Diamond Symmetry for perfectly cut diamond ROUGH AND POLISHED

The categories of symmetry include:

  1. Excellent – From nil to negligible symmetry features that can be witnessed with effort under 10x magnification.
  2. Very Good – Minor symmetry characteristics deciphered face-up at magnification.
  3. Good – Symmetry features clearly viewed under magnification and it may affect the diamond’s appearance even to an untrained and unaided eye.
  4. Fair – Obvious features observed under magnification that most certainly affects a diamond’s visual appeal even to the naked eye.
  5. Poor – Striking symmetry aspects visible both under 10x magnification as well as to unassisted or naked eye, thus significantly affecting the appearance of the final diamond.  

How does symmetry affect the visual representation of a diamond?

A diamond cutter always tries to achieve the pinnacle of excellence by producing a symmetrical stone. However, the twin factors of retaining most of the diamond’s weight while sidestepping the inclusion, may lead to the cutter to sacrifice symmetry to a certain degree. Hence, all diamonds are not created equally symmetrical.

Diamond Symmetry for perfectly cut diamond GROUP 1

When you are shopping for diamond jewellery, you may not be able to identify an unshapely facet or even an unaligned girdle among a varied diamond wedding jewellery collection. For most of the flaws to be deciphered in a diamond, a minimum of 10x magnification is required to see them. Nonetheless, you can surely recognise poor symmetry by looking at the diamond. Symmetry of angles of the facets effectively reflect light to create the quintessential sparkle. Unless your diamond owns that ideal symmetry, finding that desirable brilliance is not possible.

Diamond Symmetry for perfectly cut diamond THREE RINGS

An asymmetrical diamond more often than not fails to deliver the qualities required for its particular shape. A round shaped diamond with disproportionate facets may appear more like an oval diamond. Looking for symmetry is even more critical when it comes to fancy-cut diamonds like a pear-shaped, oval or marquise diamond. These specific shapes call for even more preciseness as symmetry contributes majorly to their overall appearance. 

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