Jewellery Stories
By Niki Bruce
2 Feb 2021

Why is design innovation essential for fine jewellery?

design innovation essential for fine jewellery MODEL

Design innovation is essential in the world of fine jewellery because if everything seems similar, no one will be excited about getting their hands on new jewellery pieces. 

What happens when innovation dies?

When design innovation disappears, you’re left with piles of jewellery pieces that not only don’t ‘spark joy’, but are also wasting fabulous materials. Many jewellery stores offer the same selection of solitaires, halos, solitaires with halos. They have pretty much become the steady fare the consumer has been trained to expect. 

The oft neglected aspect of fine jewellery that needs persistent nourishment and value addition is the ‘design’ of the jewellery pieces.

design innovation essential for fine jewellery MONKEY

A jewellery brand can only stand apart when it focuses on creating jewellery and not simply ‘manufacturing’ lookalikes. Good design is not a dispensable perspective. It is a priority. As even more young consumers flock to the innovation bandwagon, it’s becoming imperative for fine jewellery brands to take note.

design innovation essential for fine jewellery FLOWER

Every jewellery house must have design at the heart of their brand. They are the innovators who practise and research the art and science of crafting something beautiful, functional, and balanced. Something that is truly magnificent and appealing.

How we innovate to stay ahead of the curve

Consistent focus on innovation and attention to detail are two foundations of our jewellery house. The Jewel Box has invested in expertise, creativity, and constant change to achieve its goal of crafting unique and bespoke jewellery for an elite clientele. 

design innovation essential for fine jewellery ELEPHANTS

Imagination and the culture of innovation are ingrained in the TJB system. Artistry in all its nuances and eccentricities are celebrated here to develop something utterly functional yet absolutely unequalled.  

Discover some of our stunning Artisan fine jewellery pieces, like the Gladiatrix Yellow Gold and Brilliant Diamond Bangle, or the Karina Tanzanite, Diamond and Ruby Ring

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