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By The Jewel Box
20 Oct 2016

What is personalised service?

Personalised Jewellery Service by The Jewel Box

There are three dimensions to personalised jewellery service at The Jewel Box. Firstly, personalised service means to cater to a client’s very specific jewellery requirements–whatever they may be.

When a customer enters a retail shop, the salesperson’s first thought is: “Are they going to buy?” Our first question is: “What does the customer require?” Our aim is to find out the client’s dilemma. An example: A client came in with a very important family heirloom. It was not worth much—it was just a piece of lead, with enamel and it was chipped. He had gone to ten jewellery shops and none were willing to repair it. He understood the piece is not intrinsically valuable, and that the cost of restoration would be more than the actual value of the heirloom but he wanted it fixed. So we did it for him.

If a client needs consultation, we provide it. If they need a piece of jewellery repaired, we do it. If they want a one-of-a-kind creation, we create it. The Jewel Box is here to solve any jewellery-related requirement of a client.

Secondly, personalised jewellery service at The Jewel Box means to give the personal interests of a client the first priority. We have people come in and say, “My budget is $50,000—what do you have?” Our priority is to find out if they really need to spend that amount to get what they want. We asked our client, “What’s more important—spending the full $50,000 or getting something that’s right, even though it may cost much less?” For instance, a client wanted a 5-carat diamond engagement ring but we found that the fiancée’s finger is really thin, and a 5-carat diamond would have looked very awkward on her hand. So, we offered him several other suggestions, and he left appreciating our approach.

Thirdly, personalised service is about giving maximum value to the client. This means educating the client about what they are getting so they understand why they are getting it. When someone comes in and asks, “What is the price of a diamond?” we already know this client needs to start from scratch and that’s a two hour educational discourse. For people who are open to it, we prefer to educate them. At The Jewel Box, we really do not want our clients to buy blindly. It is more important that when someone leaves, they understand why they are getting very good value.

Building trust is extremely important at The Jewel Box because we seek to develop long-term relationships.

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