Jewellery Stories
By Rohizan Wahab
30 Jan 2018

Unusual jewellery gift ideas

Unusual Jewellery Gift Ideas – Chikka Collection by The Jewel Box

Life is about celebrating loved ones and special occasions. Bespoke and unusual jewellery is a brilliant way to commemorate them all.

When it comes to gift giving, it can be difficult to find something truly different, and all too often we fall into the same old patterns – books, socks, vouchers. Thankfully, The Jewel Box has solved that problem, because there is nothing even slightly ordinary about their pieces.  

Do you have an animal lover in your entourage? Something like the Simian Splendour Masterpiece, which was commissioned by a special client, promises a lifetime of conversation starters. The splendid neckpiece depicts a monkey handcrafted out of gold and diamonds, hanging off a coral branch luscious with jungle flora.  

Unusual Jewellery Gift Ideas – Simian Splendour neckpiece by The Jewel Box

Simian Splendour Neckpiece by The Jewel Box

A ready-to-wear piece that is also inspired by the wild is the Sain bangle, with its eight individually crafted gold elephants, encrusted with diamonds and whose eyes sparkle with rubies.

Unusual Jewellery Gift Ideas – Sain Bangle by The Jewel Box

Sain Bangle by The Jewel Box

What about a true nature lover? Besides the many beautiful pieces TJB offers depicting flowers, bamboo or dragonflies (or even dragons!) have you ever considered owning a piece of jewellery made out of a nut? The Chikka collection of avant-garde rings are crafted from the tagua nut, found deep in Amazonian rainforests and then meticulously crafted with diamonds depicting unique motifs inspired by the palm tree nut’s South American habitat. 

Unusual Jewellery Gift Ideas – Chikka Collection by The Jewel Box

Chikka Collection by The Jewel Box

Perhaps a man in your life is always on the go, can never sit still? Our Sparkling Sliders cufflinks, with their discreet freestyling diamonds, will keep him occupied while stuck in traffic or meetings. Not all jewellery can be as classy and fun.

Unusual Jewellery Gift Ideas – Sparkling Sliders Cufflinks by The Jewel Box

Sparkling Sliders Cufflinks by The Jewel Box

Receiving a ring is always a special moment… but much like turning up at a party wearing the same dress as the hostess, no woman wants her ring to look like everyone else’s. The Karina ring is pure individuality, with the stunning 9-carat tanzanite in a state-of-the-art ‘invisible’ setting, almost magically affixed atop crystal-clear quartz. Hot pink rubies and diamonds complete the look, making this ring one that you can be sure is as original as your relationship with the person lucky enough to receive it.

Unusual Jewellery Gift Ideas – Karina Ring by The Jewel Box

Karina Ring by The Jewel Box

Or, instead of giving one piece of jewellery, why not give a gift that transforms into four? Theodora can be worn as a necklace, a pendant, a brooch, or, for a truly striking look, a headpiece.  The central stone is an eye-catching blood-red rubelite, laid upon an interconnected geometric lines that evoke the symmetry and order of Byzantine architecture

Unusual Jewellery Gift Ideas – Theodora Interchangeable Jewellery by The Jewel Box

Theodora Interchangeable Jewellery by The Jewel Box

Whatever you are looking for, or even if you don’t know exactly what it is you want to give, just that you want it to be special and beautiful, The Jewel Box prides itself on interesting precious stones, and turning them into unusual jewellery — something that no one else has. Let’s talk today!

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