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By Niki Bruce
30 Oct 2020

Top Engagement Ring Trends

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The most popular engagement ring trends will give you a fair idea about the most sought-after styles if you have decided to end this year with a proposal.

Yellow gold

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Vintage-inspired and classic styles have made a roaring comeback in these uncertain times. The warm tone and timeless appeal of yellow gold pairs beautifully with an array of designs and styles.

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From diamonds to coloured gemstones, the golden shade is a flawless accompaniment to both classic and contemporary engagement rings.

Nested and stacked rings

The classic solitaire engagement ring can be exquisitely remodelled and spruced up with nested and stacked rings. Both these varieties offer complete flexibility and functionality to play with the design. These rings add drama and emphasis to the engagement ring. Nesting bands can be easily added above or below the ring to elevate the whole engagement ring-wedding band set. The sparkling bands accent the main ring and can also be worn singularly.

Fancy eternity bands

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Understated yet charismatic – eternity bands have grown to become a desirable alternative to regular engagement rings. Eternity bands feature radiant rows of diamonds that deliver striking sparkle from all angles. The modern avatars feature fancy-shaped diamonds like emerald, princess, and oval cuts – a splendid choice for a bride who prefers all things remarkable.  

Minimalist solitaire engagement rings

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If you are aiming to create visual wonder, over-the-top is not always the only choice. Discrete and understated engagement rings offer impactful yet subtle sparkle. Newer elements like concealed halos provide a sparkly yet contoured look. It maintains a classy appeal while focusing attention to the central diamond, ultimately allowing the ring’s delicate attributes to shine.

Shared prong floating diamond engagement ring trends

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An uninterrupted stream of scintillating diamonds creates an engagement ring that offers unparalleled sparkle. This dainty ring with multiple prongs upholds the diamonds to deliver an elegant, glowing band. The shimmering diamonds create an illusion of a luminous engagement ring. This ring looks particularly refined and lustrous with an elongated central diamond.

Delicate halo setting

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Halo setting remains a popular pick for its glamorous yet restrained look. The classic halo lends an ideal amount of extra sparkle to the central diamond, rendering a more brilliant and larger appearance. A seamless, dainty halo is a marvellous addition to a glorious engagement ring.

Fancy side-stone accents

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Multiple accent stones make an iconic trend that has been heartily adopted by royals and celebrities alike. Side stone accenting is quite popular owing to the abundance of radiance it offers. Fancy shaped stones on both sides of the central diamond deliver double the sparkle. Most of the diamond accents are in the fancy shapes of tapered baguette, trillion shape, pear cut, and marquise. The accent stones must aesthetically complement the colour and shape of the main stone.

Inspired by these beautiful Engagement Ring trends, you can opt for something that suits your personal style.


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