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By Niki Bruce
27 Apr 2020

Top 3 things to know about buying an Emerald gemstone

A spectacular green variety of the beryl species of mineral, the Emerald gemstone has been wooing humans for millennia. The spectacular colour of the Emerald is what sets it apart from its other, lesser beryl brethren in the green hue. Nothing but a few degrees of separation between the shades of green determines whether a stone can, at all, be labeled an Emerald. 

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Professionals specialising in coloured gemstones agree that beyond its many interesting characteristics, colour is the most crucial, with even a subtle variation in colour leading to considerable difference in value. A gemstone with ‘too light’ a colour is considered a green beryl and not an Emerald by most gemological laboratories as well as gemologists. A divergence of opinion remains even in that eclectic group of experts whether a particular colour of green is considered ‘too dark’ or ‘too light’ to fix into the Emerald definition.

What is an Emerald gemstone? 

Emerald symbolises the rejuvenation of spring and is the birthstone for May. The fascination with Emerald dates back to Cleopatra and the earliest specimens were mined during 1500 BCE in Egypt. India and Austria were also the producers of Emeralds by the fourteenth century CE. Presently, Colombia and Zambia are the two largest producers of Emerald gemstones. The presence of chromium, iron and vanadium traces results in the remarkable green, the Emerald is admired for. 

Top 3 things to know about buying an Emerald gemstone ROUGH

A hand-held flashlight reveals the green colour of a rough emerald from the Coscuez Emerald mine in Colombia. IMAGE: Eric Welch for GIA.

Emerald gemstones have been used since antiquity because they were considered to be able to rejuvenate a person’s health. From physical to metaphysical, the healing energy of Emerald inspires and strengthens an individual’s journey towards spirituality. Both calming and invigorating in its essence, Emerald is said to be an ideal support stone to promote complete harmony of body, mind and soul.  

How to choose the best Emerald gemstone

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When you are looking for an ideal Emerald, you must look for the benchmark four qualities – colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.

  • Colour is the sole criterion when you are concerned with the superiority of an Emerald. The most sought-after shades range from bluish green to the purest of greens. The colour saturation must be vivid and the colour tone should not appear too dark. The most valued Emeralds are essentially translucent. The colour must be evenly disseminated across the stone without any presence of colour zoning visible to the naked eye. 
  • The clarity of an Emerald refers to its internal inclusions. Emerald typically contains eye-visible inclusions. Due to this natural phenomenon, the existence of visible inclusions has been accepted by both consumers and traders. The rarity of an eye-clean Emerald makes it particularly valuable. 
  • The ‘Emerald’ shape remains the most widely accepted and popular cut for an Emerald. A vibrant green Emerald can be created by superior cutting which maximises the intensity of colour and minimises any appearance of fissures. 
  • Fashioned Emeralds are available in diverse sizes. From multiples of carats to tiny fractions of a carat, the weight of an Emerald varies drastically. 

How much will a good Emerald cost?

Top 3 things to know about buying an Emerald gemstone EARRINGS

An Emerald gemstone of superior quality is expensive with the price ranging from US$550 to US$1,150 per carat. Conversely, with Emeralds of comparable quality, the price increases dramatically with the mounting size, varying between US$8,000 and US$15,000. 

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Top 3 things to know about buying an Emerald gemstone NECKLACE

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