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By Niki Bruce
6 Jan 2020

Top 3 things to know about buying an Aquamarine

There are thousands of different types of stunning gemstones in the world, many of which you will have heard of, but there are some gemstones which will be new to you. Here are three expert tips on how to choose the best quality Aquamarine. 


aquamarine gemstone the jewel box singapore ring

Aquamarine is a type of beryl gemstone – in the same family as Emerald – and is known for its enchanting bluish-greenish colour resembling the sea for which it is named. ‘Aquamarine’ literally means seawater in Latin. 

Aquamarine was historically believed to help sailors stay safe at sea and keep the waves calm; and legends say that people who wear Aquamarine are protected from foes and misfortune. Wearing Aquamarine is also said to improve your intellect. 

Aquamarine became a popular gemstone for engagement rings after Prince Harry gave one to Megan Markle, kick-starting a trend for coloured engagement rings which is still going strong. Aquamarine is also the birthstone for the month of March, and the gemstone for a 19th wedding anniversary.

The colour of an Aquamarine ranges from green-blue to blue, but it is usually a light pastel greenish-blue. However, when Aquamarine is treated with heat, the colour will change to a stronger blue hue. Aquamarines are a relatively hard stone, making them a good choice for everyday wear, and they are also usually without any visible flaws or inclusions. 


1. Choose a dark stone

The quality and value of an Aquamarine can be determined by its hue. The darker and richer the colour of the gemstone is, the more valuable it is. An Aquamarine with a bluish hue tends to be more valuable than one with a greenish hue – as long as the colour is natural and not because the gemstone has been heat treated. Whichever colour you choose, make sure that the hue is even across the gem. 

2. Look for inclusions

Aquamarines are among the clearest gemstones available which is why a major inclusion would be a rarity. However, there might be some minor inclusions in the gem which could affect its value.  

3. Make sure it’s not Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is a gem of slightly less value than an Aquamarine that’s similar in appearance. It is easy to confuse the two gemstones, which is why people end up thinking they have an Aquamarine when in fact they have a Blue Topaz. The only way to really tell the difference is to use a jeweller’s loupe and check for two light refractions – if there are two, then it is a topaz.


the jewel box singapore remade aquamarine ring featured

A stunning heirloom Aquamarine gemstone was reset into a modern ring for one of our clients

The price of an aquamarine depends on its quality – mainly the number of inclusions it has – its size, and what treatment it has been given. High quality Aquamarines, unheated and light blue in colour can cost you US$180 per carat, more or less. A blue-green Aquamarine which is of the highest quality will cost about US$360 to US$480. However, a really excellent Aquamarine stone could cost as much as over US$1,000 per carat, like the Santa Maria stone from Brazil.

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