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By Niki Bruce
13 Jan 2020

Top 3 things to know about buying an Alexandrite gemstone

The Alexandrite gemstone is one of the most interesting in the world due to its chameleon-like qualities that cause it to change colour in different lighting. Here are some of the things that one should keep in mind while trying to buy a high quality Alexandrite stone.    

What is an Alexandrite gemstone?

Alexandrite is a gemstone that belongs to the family of minerals known as Chrysoberyl which are known for their ability to change colours. These stones often appear blue-green or green in colour under daylight and change into different shades of red as they are viewed in incandescent light. It is a rare gemstone and this has naturally increased its value over the years.

the jewel box Top 3 things to know about buying an Alexandrite gemstone GIA

The Alexandrite gemstone will change colour from green to red in incandescent light. Image: GIA

Since Alexandrite is a type of Chrysoberyl, it shows the property of chatoyancy which is similar to the Cat’s Eye Alexandrite gemstone. Alexandrite has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs Scale, and are mostly mined in Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Madagascar. 

The Alexandrite gemstone was originally discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia during the 1830s. The stone got its name from Alexander II who was the then Czar of Russia. Since green and red were the national colours of Imperial Russia, Alexandrite soon became the most widely popular gemstone in Russia.    

Top 3 things to know about buying an Alexandrite gemstone THREE STONES

The best quality Alexandrite gemstones come in a pretty blue-green shade. Image: GIA

Alexandrite is also one of the birthstones for people born in June, alongside Pearl and Moonstone. Alexandrite gemstones are often used for crystal healing purposes. It is believed that the natural energies of Alexandrite gemstones can heal blood circulation problems, issues with the lymph system, and conditions affecting the inner ear, as well as get rid of negative energy from the body.   

How to choose the best Alexandrite gemstone 

  • Alexandrite gemstones that are closer to pure green and pure red in colour tend to have the maximum value in the market. 
  • The shift of colour from red to green and back for these stones can be as low as only 5% and as high as 100%. This means Alexandrite gemstones that show a complete 100% change of colour fetch the maximum price. 
  • Blue-green Alexandrite gemstones and brownish or purplish red Alexandrite gemstones usually hold less value. 
Top 3 things to know about buying an Alexandrite gemstone TWO COLOURS

Alexandrite gemstones that are darker, and brownish in colour are less valued than those that are a more pure green-blue in shade. Image: GIA

How much does a good Alexandrite gemstone cost?

The cost of an Alexandrite gemstone is influenced by its colour, cut, clarity, and the carat weight. A high quality natural Alexandrite gemstone between 0.5 and one carat can cost up to US$15,000. When the size goes beyond one carat, the price for an Alexandrite gemstone can be as high as US$50,000 to US$70,000 for every carat. 

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