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By Niki Bruce
16 Apr 2020

Top 3 things to know about buying a Morganite gemstone

Top 3 things to know about buying a Morganite gemstone CUT STONE

The Morganite gemstone is a type of rose beryl and belongs to the group of beryl minerals that also includes popular stones like aquamarine and emerald. The colours of morganite vary between tints of singularly pink and faint pink with deeper nuances of orange. This particularly subtle colour in a Morganite is the effect of manganese traces. 

What is a Morganite gemstone?

Found in pegmatite rock formations, Morganite is typically found in large crystals. Most commercially available Morganite is mined in Brazil’s Minas Gerais. The US, Mozambique, Afghanistan as well as Namibia are also minor producers of this gemstone. Morganite is less popular than its pricey companions like vibrant emerald and bluish green aquamarine, which has resulted in its ready availability for retail buyers and it being sold as larger sized pieces. 

Top 3 things to know about buying a Morganite gemstone POLISHED

A cut Morganite gemstone. Image:

Morganite was discovered in Madagascar in 1910, and got its unusual name from the admired financier J.P. Morgan. On the Mohs hardness scale, Morganite ranges between 7.5 and 8. 

Morganite is said to bestow the wearer with inner strength, confidence, calmness and a sense of satisfaction. Morganite is believed to stimulate and energise one’s heart chakra and aid in the process of transformation and restoration of positive emotions. Morganite, just like all beryls, represents inner purity and is thought to help unlock potential.

Known for delicate pastel colours

The Morganite gemstone is celebrated chiefly for its delicate pastel colours. When tilted to the light, this gemstone exhibits softer hues of pink, orange hued pink and purple focused pink. Although light colour tones are typical for Morganite, stronger colours can be observed in bigger and rarer stones. 

Top 3 things to know about buying a Morganite gemstone ROUGH

This gemstone is often heat-treated to enhance its many shades of fashionable pink. The undetectable heat treatment eliminates both the orange and yellow hints to leave a striking hue of clearer and more noticeable pink, and is one way to tell if a stone has been treated.

Top 3 things to know about buying a Morganite gemstone STONE

Miners discovered the first Morganite specimens in Madagascar in 1911. Magenta-coloured rough from those deposits still sets the colour standard for the variety. This sample weighs about 12 oz. (349 g). Image: Maha Tannous,

The distinct pleochroism – an optical phenomenon when a substance is different colours in different lights – of Morganite lends the stone two different shades of vivid bluish pink and a paler pink. These variable colours require that the rough stone is fashioned carefully to reflect the best shades when set in jewellery. Fine colour can only be found in stones of larger dimensions.  

How to choose the best Morganite gemstone

  • When choosing the finest quality Morganite, the key concern is colour. Though usually available in lighter tones, superior quality Morganite presents a radiant pink shade.  
  • Morganite, both in its deeper and lighter tints, generally does not possess any eye-visible inclusions. Hence, the presence of inclusions downgrades the value of the gemstone. 
  • Cut styles in Morganite gemstones vary considerably. From large faceted gemstones to fancy designer cuts. Morganite is available across various dimensions.

How much will a Morganite cost?

Top 3 things to know about buying a Morganite gemstone EARRINGS

Morganite is really quite affordable. A superior quality gem within the range of 5 to 10 carats fetches approximately US$200 to US$250 per carat. An exceptional piece of Morganite in darker tints of pink is extremely rare and will cost as much as US$800 per carat. The cost is higher if the Morganite jewellery piece comes from a renowned brand or designer. 

Top 3 things to know about buying a Morganite gemstone NECKLACE

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