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By Niki Bruce
1 Jul 2020

Top 3 things to know about buying a Moissanite gemstone

the jewel box singapore things to know about buying a Moissanite gemstone THREE STONES

The rare mineral that is the Moissanite gemstone boasts a celestial past. Born of a meteorite, Moissanite is a cosmic phenomenon that was discovered by Henri Moissan, a Nobel Laureate, in 1893 in Arizona, United States.

Though mistakenly identified as diamond, Moissan went on to identify these unusual crystals as natural silicon carbide. Since its discovery in 1893 until the 1960s, Moissanite was found in only a handful of rocks and meteorites. Hence, in its actual natural formation, Moissanite still remains exceptionally scarce.  

What is a Moissanite gemstone?

Natural Moissanites are particularly rare, so most specimens available for sale have been produced in laboratories. Over many decades of trials and tribulations, the silicon carbide particles unearthed by Moissan were successfully engineered to create what is considered one of the most sparkling gemstones in the world.

With its illustrious otherworldly origin preceding it, the lab-created modern versions of Moissanite do not involve any mining. Moissanite is developed with the help of state-of-the-art technology in a controlled environment and in the process, does not leave any harmful environmental impacts. Moissanite leaves behind a lesser carbon footprint when compared to naturally mined gemstones, making it a more sustainable and responsible gemstone choice.

How to choose the best Moissanite?

Though Moissanite has been synthesised to create the sparkly illusion of a diamond, it remains visually as well as structurally quite dissimilar to a natural diamond. Though deceivingly close in appearance to a diamond, these glimmering gemstones are rather distinct in brilliance, colour, and overall durability. Most importantly, a lab-designed Moissanite fetches a starkly disparate and less expensive price tag in comparison with a natural diamond. The refraction index for brilliance as well as the fire dispersion qualities of a Moissanite gemstone are different from a diamond.

the jewel box singapore things to know about buying a Moissanite gemstone COMPARISON

Your search for the finest Moissanite must not be a hunt for a diamond lookalike. Moissanite, with its different facet pattern, exhibits brilliance that is nothing like a diamond. The heightened radiance powered by rainbow flashes of light creates extreme scintillation, particularly in sunlight. Though labelled colourless, a greyish or yellowish tinge can be seen in different light settings. Therefore, Moissanite is categorised into twin grades of nearly-colourless and colourless. Colour should be the most critical concern when you are buying a Moissanite gemstone. The twin properties of cut and gemstone clarity tend to stay similar across various types of Moissanites.  

Owing to its easily traceable laboratory origin, Moissanites make an excellent choice for individuals looking for a sustainable gemstone without any painful history of conflict behind it.

How much will a good Moissanite cost?

Costing a fraction of a diamond of comparable carat weight, Moissanite beautifully combines the world of sparkle and valuation. A Moissanite weighing between 1 carat and 1.4 carat costs in the range of US$280 to US$450. A certified natural diamond of comparable size will cost anywhere between US$4,000 to US$10,000 and above.

the jewel box singapore things to know about buying a Moissanite gemstone MULTIPLE STONES

Moissanite, ranking an impressive 9.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, is quite suitable for daily wear. Also, like other lab-created gemstones, Moissanite comes with warranty. This warranty helps protect the buyer against any damage or visible change in colour, brilliance or even clarity of the stone.  

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