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By Niki Bruce
6 Apr 2020

Top 3 things to know about buying a Kunzite gemstone

Kunzite is a precious and somewhat unknown gemstone, beloved for its colour that ranges from a delicate pink to an intense violet purple. Since its discovery at the beginning of the 20th century, Kunzite has become a popular coloured gemstone for spectacular jewellery pieces.

Top 3 things to know about buying Kunzite CUT STONE

This lovely faceted Kunzite displays an example of the best colour this gem has to offer. Image: Robert Weldon

What is a Kunzite gemstone? 

Kunzite is the most well-known variety of the mineral group known as Spodumene. Owing to its appealing colour range from delicate pinks to a breathtakingly violet-ish purple, Kunzite quickly became more popular than the other varieties of Spodumene. The pretty colours can be attributed to the presence of trace amounts of the mineral manganese. 

Top 3 things to know about buying Kunzite KUNZ

George Frederick Kunz Image:

The Kunzite gemstone is named after the famous gemologist George Frederick Kunz who first identified this particular spodumene variety sometime around 1902. Kunzite can be found across Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, and San Diego County of California in the USA. Kunzite is discovered in pegmatites that are also a resource of lithium. Kunzite has been found in very large pieces, with the Smithsonian Institute owning a heart-shaped and faceted Kunzite gemstone that weighs a staggering 880 carats. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Kunzite is within the range of 6.5 to 7 making it comparably hard to work with or cut. 

Top 3 things to know about buying Kunzite ROUGH CUT

The Kunzite gemstone’s beauty is apparent in both its natural crystal and faceted forms. Image: Robert Weldon

The Kunzite gemstone is an alternate birthstone for the month of February. The popularity of Kunzite is not limited to its beautiful colours. The metaphysical powers of Kunzite are said to include positivity and spirituality. This healing gemstone can enhance self-expression and creativity while projecting a feeling of peace, clearing away negativity, and giving the wearer strength. For those who believe, this powerful crystal focuses on emotional well-being by opening up the channel of communication between the heart and the mind to create an inspiring communion. 

How to Choose the Best Kunzite

  • Discerning collectors of Kunzite focus on the colour of the stone. Though commonly found in many shades of pastel pink, the rarer intense hues of vivid purple and violet draw the connoisseurs. 
  • With relatively fewer inclusions, Kunzite gemstones are commonly considered to be ‘clean’. Hence, the presence of any visible inclusion results in a lower price tag for the gemstone. 
  • Just like all other gemstones, Kunzite can be reproduced synthetically; done completely artificially in laboratories to impersonate the gemstone. On the other hand, a natural Kunzite gemstone can also undergo irradiation and heat-treatment for colour enhancement which is often used in jewellery and can fade when exposed to bright light and extreme heat. 

What Will A Good Kunzite Cost?

Despite its translucent beauty and rarity, Kunzite is quite affordable as it remains relatively unknown compared to its highly marketed counterparts like rubies or diamonds. The colour, clarity and carat weight of a Kunzite determine its price.

Top 3 things to know about buying Kunzite TWO RINGS

A Kunzite gemstone in deeper and richer shades of pink and purple in sizes under 5 carats, cost around US$60 to US$190 per carat, while lighter gemstones are typically priced anywhere between US$20 and US$60 per carat. 

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