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By Niki Bruce
14 Dec 2020

Tips on ring sizing for your Engagement Ring

For a glorious engagement ring you need to ensure the ring sizing is perfect. Whether too tight or unattractively loose, you don’t want your engagement ring not to fit. The sizing of an engagement ring is vastly different from other ordinary rings.

Tips on ring sizing for your Engagement Ring 1

Engagement rings usually sit higher than a normal ring and are also top heavy with a big centre stone plus it needs to sit side by side with a wedding band. All this only adds to the confusion of finding the perfect ring size. The trick with an engagement ring lies in its perfect, comfortable fit. You don’t want it to spin madly around your finger. It must be loose enough to allow morning swelling while not being too loose to slip off your finger.

Perfect ring sizing is all about the knuckle

It may sound surprising but your knuckle size ultimately determines how snug or loose your engagement ring will be. Try choosing a size that perfectly fits your ring finger as it snugly fits over that knuckle.

Many buyers make the mistake of letting the ring sizer slip over the joint easily which in turn creates quite a loose ring. Keep in mind that your ring has to go over that knuckle before it can fall off. Your knuckle stands between a loose ring and the impending doom of losing it for good.

Tips on ring sizing for your Engagement Ring 3

However, too much of anything is quite harmful. You certainly don’t want to struggle with your ring to let it pass beyond the knuckle. Removing a stubborn engagement ring is much harder than putting it on. Slight snugness is what you are looking for in an engagement ring. After all, a ring is not meant to be worn on the knuckle. Slight snugness will allow the ring to fit comfortably without any spinning.

What to do with an engagement ring that is already a tad loose?

Resizing your engagement ring is the primary step you can take to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit. Your jeweller will be able to guide you through the process without much headache. However, if your finger does not conform to most regular ring sizing, work with your jeweller to employ these innovative solutions.

Tips on ring sizing for your Engagement Ring 4

Incorporating sizing posts, balls or beads inside the ring is a great option. These little metal beads are created inside the bottom of your ring shank. These shapes take up that unwanted slack between the ring and your finger. In the process, your ring stops spinning and flopping from side to side.

Adjustable ring shanks are another marvel of the jewellery industry. An adjustable shank, just like the name suggests, is part of the ring band that moves. With this movable shank, you can simply pass the ring over a swollen joint without any problem. A hinge and catch release mechanism or a push and release method – are the two most common closures aimed at offering a comfortable and proper fit with an adjustable shank design.

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