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By Rohizan Wahab
7 May 2018

Top tips on why you should invest in fine jewellery

Fine Jewellery Investment Singapore Jewel Box

SINGAPORE: Jewellery investment. These are two words that may not instantly come to mind. For many people, jewellery is associated with fashion, trends and glamour, while investment may be associated with money, wealth managers and property.

But once you take a closer look, it will be easy to understand why fine jewellery and investment do indeed overlap.

Valuable materials
One example of how fine jewellery and investment can overlap is in the value of the materials; the longer term trends in gold, diamond and gemstone prices for example.

The value of jewellery has also correspondingly increased. It actually does seem like a good investment monetary-wise. Although, naturally, fine jewellery does not come with an income stream.

However, that being said, not everyone buys jewellery with the aim of reselling in mind. If your piece of jewellery is made of high quality diamonds and precious metals, it has a value that is stored and retained. The true worth of your metals and stones is definitely encapsulated.Fine Jewellery Investment Singapore Jewel Box

Value is more than just gold and diamonds
Also, when we think of investment, it is not always about the dollars and cents. At The Jewel Box, it also revolves around the joy and delight of its purchase.

When someone invests in a diamond engagement ring, they are investing in their life companion; the ring marks a lifetime of commitment and love, definitely a worthy jewellery investment in our opinion.

Fine Jewellery Investment Singapore Jewel Box

And if you are buying a piece of fine jewellery for yourself, it is all about the beauty and your personal preferences. Nobody wears jewellery to look ugly. And with that, the amount spent on the piece brings about a satisfaction like no other.

Get some inspiration from our amazing Masterpiece collections.Fine Jewellery Investment Singapore Jewel Box


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