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By Niki Bruce
6 Aug 2020

Timeless style versus jewellery trends and fads

The controversy is real! Timeless style and trends have been at loggerheads for as long as we can remember. This contention is even more palpable in the volatile worlds of art, fashion and literature. Writers and artists have always searched for the elusive quality of permanence. As fashion and jewellery are quite close consorts in the world of artistic splendour, this debate has also raised a number of differing opinions.

Timeless style versus jewellery trends and fads BLUE GEMSTONES

Many enthusiasts have opined in favour of timeless style while eager consumers have thronged for the latest trends. The choice is entirely personal and individualistic. However, even the proponents of fast fashion cannot ignore the charm and financial prudence of investing in classic fine jewellery.

Timeless style versus jewellery trends and fads DIAMOND BANGLE

Though fine jewellery can be distinguished from fashion jewellery solely by its components, the difference simply does not end there. Fashion jewellery follows the fads and goes out of style whenever the trend changes, which has a pretty fast turnaround! Fine jewellery, on the other hand, stands the test of time to survive centuries of changing styles and fads. It has been observed, time and again, that immortality is achieved only by the finest and not the fickle.

Should you go for timeless style or the trendy and chic?

If you are thinking about getting married and concentrating on a wedding jewellery collection, most likely your choices will stay within the world of classic gold and diamond jewellery. These pieces are not just beautiful but timeless. Gold goes beyond being merely gorgeous as it is practical. Gold’s beauty and diamond’s hardness combine to make them the ideal choice for wedding jewellery that lasts. 

Timeless style versus jewellery trends and fads DIAMOND COLLAR

Fine jewellery is meant to last not just a lifetime but generations. Your grandmother’s diamond necklace has adorned your mum for years and looks equally sensational on you. Vintage fine jewellery stands as a testament to the grandeur of days gone by. Heirloom jewellery is the tangible memory of the relationships you hold close to your heart. The appeal of timelessness gives you the opportunity to create your own memories that can be handed down in future.

How to create a collection of timeless style?

Fine jewellery is like fine wine. You choose your own and you need a keen sense of perception to do that. Focus on your personal style and choose classic pieces that reverberate with elegance. A particularly flamboyant design may fall out of fashion, but a diamond tennis bracelet with its radiant charm, never does. Like a lot of things in life, keeping it simple is an equally effective mantra when you are shopping timeless jewellery.

Timeless style versus jewellery trends and fads DIAMOND EARRINGS

But if you are still in doubt, the safest choice remains a diamond. This luminous mineral is nothing but wizardry of Mother Nature. A diamond of superior quality is an expensive choice that appreciates in value and splendour over the years. A diamond stud or diamond and gold hoop earring has the potential to elevate your ensemble to a whole new level of magnificence.

Timeless jewellery makes for an aesthetically alluring and financially sound investment decision.

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