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By Niki Bruce
22 Sep 2020

The versatility and brilliance of a Halo Engagement Ring

A brilliantly stunning Halo engagement ring combines a large appearance with a smaller budget. Just like the name suggests, a Halo diamond engagement ring creates an aura of gleaming smaller diamonds encircling a centre diamond. 

the jewel box singapore Halo Engagement Rings 6

A ring, or Halo, of smaller pavé set or micro-pavé set diamonds surrounds the centre stone in the design. These tiny diamonds or even faceted coloured gemstones glimmer under light and bring attention to the central gemstone, and this concerted sparkle creates the desired illusion of a bigger diamond. In a Halo setting, a quarter or half carat diamond can appear as much as another half carat larger. 

Different styles of Halo Engagement Rings

The classic Halo ring with a plain, wide metal band along with the central Halo has undergone many modifications to offer an array of interesting engagement ring designs. A personalised Halo engagement ring is ideal when you want to add more personality with heirloom stones or coloured gems.

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A colourless diamond or even a fancy coloured diamond can become the centre stone. If you have a tight budget a cluster of tiny pavé diamonds in multiple circles can create an impression of a bigger solitaire. You can also achieve the carat weight of a larger single diamond at a lower price. The cut can vary from classic princess and round to fancy emerald, oval, and even pear shaped diamonds. 

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The number of stones around the main diamond can be tweaked to increase the flamboyance quotient. You can choose the classic single ring of diamonds or gemstones for your Halo ring, or be more extravagant by adding a second or third ring of stones. 

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Three rows of shimmering pavé diamonds create the illusion of a massive singular stone with a magnificent amount of sparkle. This triple wrap works especially well when the stone in the middle is on the smaller side. 

Add a personal touch

A customised Halo engagement ring gives you the opportunity to play with every element of the design. The most fascinating option is the play of colours you can get with a personalised design. Subtlety or extravagance, it’s completely up to you. Think of a ruby pavé setting surrounding a colourless diamond or vice versa. Or the option of colourless diamonds encompassing a vibrant yellow diamond is equally appealing.

the jewel box singapore Halo Engagement Rings 5

The design of the shank also contributes to the overall appearance of a Halo ring. A plain metal shank – the ‘ring’ part of a ring – creates a cleaner and more minimal appearance. However, if you are looking for some added chutzpah and bling, a diamond pavé shank is the solution. 

the jewel box singapore Halo Engagement Rings 4

A split shank design is also an engaging design idea to consider. The band is stylishly divided into two slimmer, narrower bands. These twin bands can also be pavéd to deliver an even more brilliant result.

A Halo Engagement Ring is an excellent way to deliver a stunning bang for an affordable buck.

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