Jewellery Stories
By Niki Bruce
6 Apr 2021

The reigning jewellery trends for Autumn 2021

The latest evolving jewellery trends are a reflection of the new Pandemic affected world order wherein dressing up is all about facing similarly decked-out participants on Zoom meetings.

Jewellers went to work on their new Autumn 2021 collections with a few exceptional characteristics in mind. Powerful and fierce are the two words resonating across collections. Jewellers understand the frustrations of swapping fabulous ensembles for thick socks and sweats. After being trapped at home for a year, the buyers are ready to regale the world with their fashion.

The Autumn 2021 collections reflected this shift as the jewellery was not showcased ostentatiously as was the norm in seasons past. Earrings that can withstand a raucous night of the party or eclectic charms were few among the styles that lit up the runways. The implicit message was not to underestimate the force of a beautiful jewel. Whether minimal and petite or art deco and large, a bit of charisma and glamour wards off uninspired energy.  

The Autumn trends for 2021

Fringe adds swing to your style. A major trend this season, fringes were flying from collarbones and ears as well as bejewelled seams. Jewellery designers came up with fascinating variations on the fringe theme; there was mesh as well as falls of pearls and colourful beads. No matter the type, all of these pieces flaunt a flirtatious swing that will enliven any outfit.  

Jewelled headbands even in their simplest versions are charming. A stunning halo effect in a top-down style. The uncertainty also created a niche market for healing jewellery. Think crystal pendant necklaces or bracelets. Channelling inner peace while emitting fiery confidence. 

Crystals in their diamante forms delivered striking bling, both on the waist and at the earlobes. A mix of different crystals and variegated colours add verve and vibrancy to the mix. Assorted stones and crystals perfect for a charm necklace.

The waist features in the collections in anticipation of being admired vertically from head to toe rather than on a screen. Our novel online lives have inspired even figurative jewellery such as earrings with lip motifs or eye brooches and the likes.

Jewellery trends still celebrate the joie de vivre of all things floral.  Flowers worked with metal and feathers to show a sign of revival and optimism. Logoed and emblazoned designer jewellery items offer fashion credibility for buyers. Rings on almost all fingers were another styling trick that promises to catch up very soon. Recreating this will not take much effort as you can simply use whatever you have available.

Jewellery trends in all their unique styles are the ultimate in mood-lifters and they are here to stay for good!

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