Jewellery Stories
By Niki Bruce
14 Dec 2020

The never-ending trend of brightly coloured gemstones

Unlike a translucent diamond, glorious coloured gemstones immediately uplifts the splendour of a jewellery piece by adding vibrancy into the mix. More than just being a notable trend, colourful gemstone jewellery has remained the favourite of royalties over centuries. Over the last decades, the trend has moved beyond royal regalia to enter our common lives. With no sign of subsiding anytime soon, this trend promises to bring sparkle even into the next year.

Beyond the ‘big three’ coloured gemstones

For the uninitiated, the vast sphere of coloured gemstones includes much more than emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

trend of brightly coloured gemstones Alexandrite

The growing fascination with coloured stones also reflects a growing demand for other precious minerals that had been overshadowed by these popular three for a long time.

trend of brightly coloured gemstones Tsavorite

More buyers are starting to comprehend the enormity of the mineral world. They are appreciating the value of a rare imperial topaz, tsavorites, demantoids, spinel, exceptional shades of sapphires like pink, and other gemstones. Their unique chemical compositions and striking colours are nothing short of visual miracles.

trend of brightly coloured gemstones pink sapphires

New trends in brightly coloured gemstone jewellery

A decade ago, shoppers focused more on the three well-known coloured gemstones. However, now there are rarer stones available. The buyer with her newfound knowledge looks for exquisite pieces with Paraiba tourmaline, alexandrite, demantoid garnet, and tsavorite, rubellite and such a diverse selection. Collectible gemstones such as these are being included in designs as centrepieces. An integral element in modern and precious jewels, these gemstones are the new heroes of high jewellery.  

trend of brightly coloured gemstones SPINEL

Focusing on the cut is crucial. A diamond is often cut to achieve a respectable carat weight. But such is not the case with coloured stones. They are craftily faceted into a shape that best demonstrates the gem’s colour palette. The result is often marvellous.

trend of brightly coloured gemstones IMPERIAL TOPAZ

Increasingly jewellers are devising ornaments that test the boundaries of accepted and common cuts. An unusual combination of coloured stones is another ploy that has worked amazingly for jewellers and connoisseurs alike.

Tutti Frutti

trend of brightly coloured gemstones Cartier Tutti Frutti

Designers and high jewellery brands strive to combine shades that at first glance, conflict with each other. But thanks to Pierre Cartier’s Tutti Frutti style, the contrasting, ‘unmatchable’ colours of gemstones often find a proud place in eye-catching designer jewels. Colour contrasting remains a hugely popular trend in the world of fine jewellery.


trend of brightly coloured gemstones PASTEL

Pastel coloured gems are becoming the hot favourite among young fashionistas who prefer not to overdo it with vivid baubles. A softer combination of hues is an easier choice for daily wear without being overbearing. They are also ideal for transitioning from a board meeting to a night out.

trend of brightly coloured gemstones 1

The creative and artistic potential of brightly coloured gemstones needs further pleasurable exploration, so when you next look to buy jewellery, choose something with more than a single splash of colour!

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