Jewellery Stories
By Niki Bruce
11 Jan 2021

The never-ending love for Pearl jewellery continues

Among all the glitzy trends ruling the jewellery industry, the sophisticated Pearl endures. In many colours, and numerous forms – pearls have managed to surprise us every single time. If the pandemic-stricken last year had few things to cheer for, a Pearl necklace on a male pop icon was certainly something to celebrate.

the jewel box Singapore love for pearl jewellery continues HARRY

UK popstar Harry Styles wearing a Pearl necklace

Not anymore the staple of your grandmother’s jewellery armoire, the Pearl has stepped into the trendy world of Millennial and Gen Z ensembles. Looking beyond celebrities, Pearls are having their moment in the limelight – a beautifully extended moment. If the pearl necklace or bracelet you received as a precious heirloom is lying deep in the recesses of your closet – it’s time to take it out and get imaginative.  

The many styles of Pearl Jewellery

Pearls have been everywhere for quite a while now. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, armlets and tiaras – pearls have rocked them all. Pearl headdresses and chandelier earrings are some of the most elaborate forms of Pearl jewellery.

the jewel box Singapore love for pearl jewellery continues BRACELET AND HANDS

Pearls in their exceptional natural shapes and diverse colours in conjunction with fascinating metalwork adds a sculptural element to a piece of jewellery. The best part about Pearl jewellery is its adaptability. Investing in a sleek yet bold Pearl ornament will stand you in good stead in the years to come.

Charming Pearl engagement rings

Michelle Williams, Emma Stone and now Ariana Grande! They pulled it off with one of the most unexpected engagement ring trends seen in the last few years. Yes, we’re talking about the Pearl engagement ring. Timeless yet chic. Classic yet contemporary. The Pearl ticks all the right boxes. The appeal of Pearls, in their array of naturally distinguished hues, is universal. 

the jewel box Singapore love for pearl jewellery continues ENGAGEMENT RING

Ariana Grande’s Pearl and Diamond engagement ring.

The mesmerising lustre of a pearl needs no additional accoutrements. But a diamond is never an extra when it comes to engagement rings. Think a satiny, highly lustrous pearl sitting pretty within a halo of round or rose-cut diamonds.

The art of Pearl jewellery

Pearl barrettes, Pearl gloves, a massive baroque Pearl on a handbag, or a sky-high stiletto with Pearl strings attached – Pearls make a fashion statement on and off the runway.

The flexibility of Pearls to complement all possible outfits, at any time of the day has been celebrated by designers, connoisseurs and fashionistas alike. Unorthodox trendsetters like Gigi Hadid or Harry Styles have only fuelled mass imagination to rework this classic gemstone in a novel and street-smart way.   

Unconventional, thy name is a Pearl!

Pearl embodies the quality of shapeshifting. Until we witnessed the revival of the Pearl as the ultimate, versatile gemstone, we never realised its true potential. Not limited to the glammed-up and supremely-refined images of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, a Pearl in its modern interpretations is far from simply prim and proper.

the jewel box Singapore love for pearl jewellery continues EARRING AND RING

Let your imagination do the magic and unleash the hidden charms of Pearl jewellery with your unique style.

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