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By Niki Bruce
15 Dec 2020

The magic of the Mixed Metals jewellery trend

Mixed metals, once a virtual taboo in the world of jewellery, has now become a must-do. The unlikely matrimony of gold with silver has been seen across runways and in magazines. The uncertainty of lockdown has pushed our jewellery box towards adapting to the change. Now that we have everything at hand, it is time to start experimenting.

Why should you mix metals?

Mixed Metals jewellery trend 4

The variety of colour tones including rose, yellow and white gold adds depth and refinement to any classic jewel. These colour combinations stunningly accentuates both diamonds and other coloured gemstones. Mixed metals jewellery brings the magic of vintage into modern styles. This duality of design within a single creation has led to its growing attraction among the younger crowd.

How to mix metals without trying too hard?

Mixing metals is rather easy when you decide and divide the main jewellery regions. The most visible focal points are ears, neck, fingers and wrists. When mixing different colours choose a particular spot which you want to highlight. Too much of the same thing all over the body will create a jarring visual. Explore precious metals of varied colour palette. Similar themes, textures and sizes of different colours can create a spectacle. Perfect placement is necessary to ensure a glam look.

Mixed Metals jewellery trend 5

Layering metals of mixed colours generates visual interest. Layer multiple pieces of jewellery very closely or on top of the other. It can be multiple rings across your fingers or double or more dainty necklaces of varying lengths around your neck and décolletage. Try numerous combinations to work out the coolest look. Create an optical splendour with necklaces of variable lengths. It will also avoid the possible issue of tangling. Rings of different thicknesses also add to the charm of the style.

Consider the tone of each piece of jewellery before you combine them. Different pieces of jewellery communicate unique tones. The charm of a seashell pendant necklace is in its whimsicality and vibrancy, whereas a dainty gemstone necklace channels femininity and elegance. Determine the subtle tone of the jewellery so that they can be paired with jewels of a kindred spirit.

Mixed Metals jewellery trend 2

Flaunt metals that complement your skin’s undertone. If you are new to the concept of mixing metals in jewellery, a good starting point is choosing metals according to the undertone of your skin. Rose gold and yellow gold enhances warm skin tones, while white gold, silver and grey platinum pair attractively with cooler skin undertones.

Mixed Metals jewellery trend 1

If you are not sure about combining mixed metals, consider investing in a singular piece like our Daisy Pop Pearl Ring that incorporates   more than one metal. Think of a white and yellow gold floral diamond ring. This is an ideal piece of cocktail jewellery to add chutzpah and radiance to your outfit. This ring creates a natural bridge between two metals to give birth to an intensely vivid and charming piece of jewellery. This could be your stepping stone into the world of mixing various hues of precious metals!

Discover some of pretty mixed metals jewellery designs like our Daisy Pop Pearl ring, our Day & Night Diamond Earrings, and our East & West Chrysanthemum Gold Necklace and Earrings.

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