Jewellery Stories
By Niki Bruce
2 Feb 2021

The glittering trend of floral jewellery

Floral jewellery has never really gone anywhere. Flowers in all their vibrant, short-lived glamour have been proudly present in jewellery across cultures since time immemorial.

the jewel box Singapore floral jewellery trend HANDS

Trends may come and go but all things floral have enchanted artists and creators alike over the last few decades. Necklaces, earrings, brooches, and rings in varying degrees have featured flowers. An explosion of colourful flowers heralds the advent of spring.

The many styles of floral jewellery

Diamonds and other rare gemstones have regularly been stitched together to craft exquisite jewellery. Delightfully interesting and enthralling designs have been iconic creations from some of the best designers in the world. Either in the form of earrings, necklaces or rings, there has been no dearth of silhouettes when it comes to fine jewellery. 

Semi precious gems add a whole new dimension

Rarer collectible gemstones like alexandrite have increasingly garnered designers’ attention. Think Rubeus Milano’s ultra-luxury transformable necklace.

the jewel box Singapore floral jewellery trend RUBEUS


The detachable floral brooch has jagged rock crystals as petals surrounding a stunning oval shaped alexandrite weighing a jaw-dropping 10.30 carats. An unquestionably mesmerising effect was accomplished by the mix of alexandrite, sapphires, tanzanite, diamonds, and rock crystals in a base of titanium.

Sculptural beauty

Couture jewellery has always focused on sculptural designs that stand out on their own. The ‘Damask Rose’ by designer Cindy Chao was built incorporating pink sapphires, diamonds, orange sapphires in white gold, titanium and lacquer.

the jewel box Singapore floral jewellery trend CINDY CHAO


This is a masterpiece and certainly meant for high investment. Designers have also taken ahead the bohemian inspirations of crystal wildflowers and merged them with even more of nature with leaves, butterflies, and birds.

Rare gemstones in floral jewellery

Gemologists are in the limelight thanks to a newfound interest in uncommon gemstones. Extraordinary Sri Lankan Padparadscha sapphires, Moissanites, Labradorites, and Tanzanites have been set in earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces and further embellished with even more fancy coloured diamonds, rubies and emeralds shaped into floral displays. 

the jewel box Singapore floral jewellery trend NECKLACE

Flower motifs in combination with elegant rare gemstones give birth to timeless pieces like our Crimson Flower Ruby and Pearl Handcrafted Bangle, and our Sakura Jade and Ruby Necklace and Earrings; dynamic designs offer a modern yet elegant twist with the introduction of flowers to a piece of jewellery.

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