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By Niki Bruce
4 Nov 2020

The Difference Between Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings

The primary difference between these similar sounding ornaments is that an engagement ring is given during the proposal and wedding rings are exchanged during the wedding. Though an engagement ring is evidently different from a wedding ring in appearance and purpose, they come together to create a unique and unified set. These rings are frequently worn together as a unified symbol of commitment.

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Wedding rings tend to be rather understated in design having a classic gold band or flaunting an embellishment of smaller diamonds across the band. Engagement rings commonly feature more intricate details showcasing a central gemstone. Though there is no rule as such, most people wear these rings together on the ring finger of their left hand. Men also wear their wedding band on the left-hand ring finger. However, you can forgo such traditional etiquette to wear your ring on any finger.

Engagement rings and wedding rings: Difference in price and design

These rings belong to the twin ends of the price spectrum. Engagement rings decidedly fetch a steeper price tag thanks to the large diamond or other central gemstone it typically has. Finer design detailing with accent stones, a halo setting, milgrain or pavé setting on the shank adds to the higher cost. The comparatively uncomplicated wedding ring displays a simpler metal band of varying thickness or a channel-set or pavé band encrusted with smaller diamonds.

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There is no dearth of variety in engagement rings. Ranging from a simple solitaire to an intricate vintage ring, engagement rings offer a wide array of minimalist and elaborate designs. Understandably, more adornments call for more extravagant price tags. An eternity band with the mount-setting, timeless design beautifully dabbles as both engagement and wedding ring. The continuous loop of diamonds creating an infinite circle of brilliance is ideal for brides who like minimalist glamour.  

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The clearly diverging amount of embellishments in these two rings lead to remarkably different price ranges. You can save on the engagement ring by choosing to replace the diamond with other coloured precious gemstones like emerald, ruby or the ever-popular sapphire.

The combination of wedding and engagement rings

Though seemingly contrasting in appearance, engagement rings and wedding rings are a match made in heaven. Whether you buy them together or separately, careful design can create a beautiful set. The type of metal and its colour, the style and fit of the rings should be a close match, so as to appear as a unit. The perfect fit also guarantees no uncomfortable rubbing between two rings.

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If you are buying your rings together or getting them custom-made, your jeweller will happily assist in finding two complementing rings to make a gorgeous pair. Alternatively, instead of buying two separate rings, you can buy a bridal set including two matching rings. Identical colour of metals, design inspirations, and comfy curvature ensure they fit together flawlessly.

One ring to announce a proposal and another to seal the marriage – these rings are all about professing your commitment and adoration for your significant other. Despite the seeming difference in designs and purpose, engagement rings and wedding rings are born to celebrate the union of two souls.

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