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By Niki Bruce
29 Nov 2018

Stunning jewellery pieces are the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone

The lights are up in the streets, as are the giant decorated trees. The champagne is ordered, the perfect menu has been decided on. Christmas is coming and … you don’t know what to buy anyone, so Present Panic is settling in.

the jewel box singapore christmas gift fine jewellery

Have no fear, we here at The Jewel Box are going to help you out with a little list we’ve put together which we like to call ‘Something for Everyone’ … or ‘How to Christmas shop for everyone in your family, even the most difficult of relatives, in the same place’.

The Mother

the jewel box singapore bracelets crimsonflower

Shopping for your Mum is not only the most important one to get right… it’s also often the hardest. The amazing woman who did everything for you for years deserves the best of the best. We would recommend a piece as unique as she is, for example our Crimson Flower Ruby and Pearl Handcrafted Bangle, which is made of 1,000 rubies set in 18k white gold.

The Fatherthe jewel box singapore Whisky Barrel Cufflinks

The Patriarch of the family deserves a bit of bling too – but in an elegant, gentlemanly way. These Whisky Barrel Cufflinks are made of natural wood and are a man who is a collector of fine things. Using specially beaten yellow gold to replicate the actual straps on the barrels which are used to age the finest whiskies, these cufflinks incorporate round brilliant cut diamonds to make them truly unique… just like your Fathers’ favourite single malt.

The Brother

The Panther Onyx and White Gold Ring

Everyone needs a little protection, and the  Panther Onyx and White Gold Ring is the perfect talisman to keep an eye on your brother when you can’t be to do the job yourself. Made of 18k white gold and Onyx, this ring is sleek, smooth and symbolises courage, valour and power. What more could you wish for this Christmas for your sibling?

The Sister

Choosing something for your sister is either a piece of cake, or a downright nightmare, as you either know and love her tastes or really don’t like or understand them. That’s why we are being super kind and giving you TWO Sister present options.

Riviera Morganite Pendant

The first one is the “Play it Safe” jewellery piece, which is the Riviera Morganite Pendant. You can’t lose with this one. This stunning pear-shaped Morganite pendant is set in white gold is tied with a rose gold and diamond bow… making it the gift that keeps on giving. And the great news is? There are matching earrings, which mean her birthday next year is already taken care of too. Easy!Flora Noir Pearl and Moldavite Ring


Next, the “My sister likes to walk on the Wild Side” option… the Flora Noir Pearl and Moldavite Ring ticks all the boxes. This white gold ring is made with diamonds mined from deep within the earth, surrounding a central Keishi pearl, set atop a spectacular piece of moldavite. The most mysterious of all gemstones, moldavite can only be formed when a meteorite impacts on Earth. Therefore, the Flora Noir not only combines the earth’s core elements, but also provides and added air of mystery from space. The best part? You’re giving it to your sister! Of course, she’ll lend it to you sometimes!

The Bachelor Uncle

the jewel box singapore Gatsby Onyx Coral and Diamond Cufflinks

He’s chic, he’s elegant, he travels the world at the drop of a hat. Always dressed in his best, the Bachelor Uncle turns up to Christmas lunch unannounced each year, as everyone thought he was either on a yacht on a turquoise blue sea somewhere, or skiing in Gstaad with his buddies.

Seeing as past experience has taught you that he will indeed be there, arms laden with the most extravagant foodstuffs he can find, you’ll be pleased to have planned ahead and have the Gatsby Onyx Coral and Diamond Cufflinks already waiting under the tree for him. With black onyx set over red coral, with white gold geometric detailing and diamonds, these cufflinks are the perfect look for the perfect gentleman.

The Mother-in-Law

jewel box singapore Halley’s Comet Matched Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings fine jewellery

Love her or … find her a handful, she loves someone you also love very much. And let’s be honest, either you feel she deserves a special present or a little sweetening up at Christmas is going to make at least the first few months of the new year easier for you! For those who are hard to please, you just can’t go wrong with diamonds.

Our Halley’s Comet Matched Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings will do the trick perfectly. Made of round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18k white gold which curves and streaks down to the precious Matched Tahitian Black Pearl these drops will be perfect accompaniment to her outfit for a casual day out or a dinner party – and everything in between… as well as a great daily reminder of what a lovely person you are!

The Father-in-Law

Ocean Anchor Cufflinks

He’s a quiet man – whether by choice or by circumstance is yet to be known – but he has his passions, and sailing is one of them. Well, it’s the only one he’s been allowed to speak long enough to tell you about, anyway. Like a green buoy floating on a crystal clear blue ocean, these Ocean Anchor Cufflinks feature green amethysts, lightly lassoed with a white gold rope and finished with a yellow gold anchor will make their mark with him… and give him a constant reminder of where he’d rather be.

So, there you have it! Christmas presents all sorted and done! Now there is just one last person to choose a little something for – YOU! But we wouldn’t dare to presume as to what might be the best present to put under the tree for yourself this year… you’d better pop into our store and make your own choice.

If you would rather have something created especially for your loved ones, contact us for a beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery. Call us at +65 6733 4100 to make an appointment at our atelier.

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