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By Niki Bruce
10 Aug 2018

The story of our gemstones and how you should choose the right one

story of gemstones how to choose the right gemstone fine jewellery singapore

The Jewel Box founder Vinod More knows what he’s talking about when it comes to explaining why the private jeweller helps its customers choose particular types of gemstones.

“Don’t always go for something the rest of the world says is the best,” says Vinod. “Go for the gemstone that speaks to you. It’s like wine – I don’t drink wine by the price tag since it may not be the best wine for my palate, I buy wine based on what I love to drink.”

Yes, gemstones too can be influenced by what’s popular in the global market. Suddenly seeing lots of pale pink rubies around? That’s the influence of ‘millennial pink’ and the rise of rose gold as a trend colour in fashion and interior design.

Vinod explains that he prefers to help customers choose their perfect gemstone based not on what’s ‘on-trend’ or even based on the type of gemstones that can be considered ‘investment’ stones, but more on the personality of the individuals.

 “Beauty really is in the eye of beholder,” says Vinod. “The customer’s taste, views and lifestyle is more important when it comes to choosing the right gemstone. Does a darker colour better suit their skin tone? What’s their favourite colour? … Those are the questions that issues that need to be considered.”

How to choose the right coloured gemstone …
When it comes to sourcing the best gemstones for creating great jewellery pieces, Vinod says that it’s important to consider the history of different types of stones, but it’s also worth taking into account the current situation.

“Take the Columbian Emerald, for example. They have a very specific green colour, but not all emeralds from Columbia are going to have that perfect shade. You can also get amazing stones from Brazil that have the right green colour too,” explains Vinod.  

story of gemstones how to choose the right gemstone fine jewellery singapore

Another thing you need to take into account when choosing the right gemstone is that coloured gemstones’ quality is based mostly on the colour of the stone, whereas the quality of diamonds is based on a much more stringent list of requirements.

“A lot of people don’t realise that the standard way to judge the colour of a gemstone is with daylight” explains Vinod. “But daylight is always different … Different times of day, in different countries, at different times of the year. There’s no standard.

“So you need to think about where you’re going to be wearing your coloured gemstones. If you’ll be wearing it mostly at night, indoors, then the colours will look different. All of these details should be taken into account when you are buying a coloured gemstone.”

Don’t buy gemstones just for investment, buy for love …
If you’re thinking that buying a major piece of fine jewellery is also a kind of investment, Vinod suggests that you should really think about it first.

“You should buy quality gemstones,” explains Vinod, “don’t just buy by size. A stone that’s a little bit smaller might actually be better quality – with few inclusions for example – the better quality one will hold its value.”

Deliberately buying jewellery as an investment is not always the right thing to do suggests Vinod.

“Buying gemstones for investment is a different story,” says Vinod. “Theoretically the value will fluctuate like property value does – but property can bring in revenue in the form of rent – but gemstones won’t.”

Vinod says that gemstones are good for storing value, they’re very portable and can be, to a certain extent, liquid cash since you don’t need a lawyer to help you sell the gemstones. 

story of gemstones how to choose the right gemstone fine jewellery singapore

“As a jeweller, I say that jewellery should be worn,” says Vinod. “However, fine gems and jewellery definitely belong in a wider investment portfolio. And they do provide a striking visual treat!”

“Fine jewellery and gemstones don’t only belong in a vault. They should be enjoyed.”

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