The most popular trends for men’s wedding bands

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The most popular trends for men’s wedding bands


The most popular trends for men’s wedding bands

Jul 01, 2021

Men’s wedding bands symbolise partnership and commitment. The sentimental value associated with this piece of jewellery makes it a companion for the rest of your life, and the traditional, gold wedding band remains a favourite.

The modern man, however, sometimes wants something more. Even the seemingly consistent world of men’s jewellery is not immune to trends, with modern men’s wedding bands now available in a range of styles.  

Multi-metal wedding bands

The classic gold wedding band with its clean, minimalist design has been popular forever. In contrast, the modern man is putting more effort into creating a wedding band with a unique appearance. Conventional yellow gold has been replaced by platinum, white gold, and even rose-gold.


Multiple metals have been added to the mix to produce intertwined white and rose or white and yellow wedding bands or even three-toned wedding bands. The bold spirit of black carbon fibre or ceramic inlay can also be incorporated to create a magnificent men’s wedding band.

Customised wedding bands

Customisation is a great choice if you are looking for something truly exclusive. A reputable jeweller can help you create a ring that shows off your style, preferences and taste. 


With a bespoke ring you can choose the texture and pattern of the ring, its width, engraving, and the final finish. Handcrafting a ring is an even more personal experience. These modifications allow you to create something truly spectacular.

Customising a wedding band also means you can match it to your partner’s jewellery. ‘Couple Rings’ are a popular choice, influenced by romantic Korean dramas.

Platinum is the hottest metal

Platinum has been climbing the popularity chart owing to its clean, sleek and seamless appearance. Platinum wedding bands are strong, pure, and rare.

the-jewel-box-Singapore-mens-wedding-bands-4Men are opting for this radiant alternative as it has a comparatively lower price tag. The thickness of the ring can be altered according to your preference and lifestyle needs.

Detailed men’s wedding bands

The very essence of a modern wedding band often lies in the detail. A classic shape with bevelled edges, featuring inlays, engravings, and gemstones is a fantastic way to create a unique wedding band. 

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