Wedding Bands for Women: The Most Notable Trends

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Wedding Bands for Women: The Most Notable Trends


Wedding Bands for Women: The Most Notable Trends

Jul 01, 2021

Over the last decade, wedding bands – much like the concept of marriage – have witnessed a steady shift towards self-expression. From being the traditional symbol of holy wedlock, wedding bands have grown to represent evolved companionship and personal expression. This changing course has left an impact on the design and detailing of wedding bands.


There are three key trends when it comes to wedding bands, so choose the one that best reflects your personality and meets your lifestyle requirements. There’s no better way of finding your perfect wedding ring.

Classic wedding bands

The plain gold band remains the unwavering timeless choice. Varying widths and finishes in yellow, white or rose gold create a versatile wedding ring. It beautifully complements an array of engagement ring designs without overpowering the final look. This time-honoured pick is ideal for withstanding daily wear and tear.

the-jewel-box-Singapore-Wedding-Bands-for-Women-6The curved wedding band is the best bet when you want to create a cohesive, well matched visual. It offers a custom, snug fit along the curvature of the engagement ring. However, a lone curved band may appear a little odd when not combined with an engagement ring or an eternity ring.

Matching your wedding band with your partner’s choice is a romantic idea. Find a common design element to incorporate it simultaneously in these twin rings and create a set of matching wedding bands.

Consistent wedding band designs

The rose gold wedding band has garnered a cult following since its introduction. A favourite with brides thanks to the vintage romance associated with its pinkish hue. The soft colour pairs charmingly with different metals. It adds warmth to a platinum or white gold engagement ring while mellowing the radiance of a yellow gold engagement ring.


Stackable wedding bands are functional creations that allow you to alternate and improvise the overall setting of your wedding band. Adding another ring simply elevates the design.

Combining an engagement ring with another diamond studded eternity band is perfect if you want to create a balanced double band look. It definitely adds a touch of luxury and glamour to your wedding set. Alternatively, the eternity band saves your pricey engagement ring from nasty bumps and hits.

Wedding band trends for 2020   

The minimalist wedding band is the saviour of modern brides. Sleek, understated, adroit design matches almost all ring styles. It gives you an opportunity to play with the appearance if you want to complement or contrast the designs of your rings. It does not take attention away from your oh-so-spectacular engagement ring!


Add a pop of colour to your wedding ring set by adding coloured gemstones in the mix. You can go a notch higher by including your birthstone in the wedding band. It beautifully complements an equally gorgeous diamond or coloured gemstone engagement ring.

The absolute opposite of the minimalist band is the diamond wedding ring. Bigger, chunkier diamonds on your wedding band say pure luxury. If you are all about extravagant bling, this type of wedding band superbly compliments a solitaire engagement ring.

Delicate and classic, or modern and contemporary – there is no dearth of design innovations when it comes to wedding bands.

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