Wear multiple earrings to express your individual style

Let us take you on a journey to create a perfectly personal piece of jewellery
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Wear multiple earrings to express your individual style


Wear multiple earrings to express your individual style

Jul 13, 2022

Who says you can only wear one set of fabulous earrings? More is definitely more, and choosing to have multiple ear piercings allows you to wear as many pairs of earrings as you wish.

Once you have the piercings in place, mix and match a range of stud and hoop earrings in your lower lobes; or choose a new trend with a conch piercing. 

The mix and match theory is the real trendsetter. Those conch pieces, three-lobe hoops, miniature chains, or huggies are part of the wide range of jewellery constellations to help you personalise your ears.

How to choose the right multiple piercing

Experiment with different ear-piercing placements. You can create a stack that runs up the edge of your ear, or opt for an orbital or tragus piercing. Most of these trends work best for any ear shape. All you have to do is ‘trust the piercer’. 

You can also choose an ‘ear curation’. Curation provides the piercer the creative liberty to choose multiple ear piercings while considering your ear’s structure and aesthetics and outlining the best placements to pierce. Sometimes, ear curation also involves experimentation by adding new jewellery to the existing pieces.

‘Three’s a charm’ … Some piercing enthusiasts are fascinated with triple ear piercing for its subtle impact. It looks elegant yet classy.

Different placements and customisation is part of the piercing journey, making each ear feel unique with asymmetrical piercing that goes beyond the usual. The ear-piercing trend is here to stay.

If you are interested in having your own bespoke set of earrings made, contact our atelier on +65 6733 4100 to book an appointment or email bespoke@thejewelbox.com