Top 6 non-conventional engagement rings

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Top 6 non-conventional engagement rings


Top 6 non-conventional engagement rings

Jul 13, 2022

Looking for an extraordinary engagement ring? Saying YES to a perfect wedding ring is a big decision. Contemporary brides usually take time to select their ring – after all, it has to work for the rest of your life. Today, we see an assortment of trends, especially when it comes to modern-day wedding rings. 


The trend of double or even triple stone rings with a unique mishmash of gems and precious stones is gaining popularity. The beauty of the Toi Et Moi pattern is timeless. The style has been around for decades. The design not only symbolizes kinship but also highlights the way paired stones can heighten each stone's beauty.


Vintage style is nostalgic. Whether it is a delicate antique ring, an heirloom piece, or an Art Deco masterpiece, these rings offer sentimental value and stand tried and true. Vintage engagement rings are unique, making them a perfect sign of love and commitment.


Whether it is sapphire, ruby, or emeralds, coloured gemstones are the talk of the town. A stunning diamond and coloured gemstone halo ring looks perfect for an unconventional bride. If seeking out something artistic yet classy, go for rings that feature unique coloured sapphires. Blue sapphires and peach sapphires are the most popular choices.

A little twist to a diamond ring can make it look distinctive. Pairing diamonds with colourful gemstones add extra spark and exclusive personalisation to your style statement. Although the solitaire is an ageless beauty, coloured diamonds are atypical. They add meaning to your engagement ring. While a pink diamond represents the bride's feminism, grey customarily symbolises hope. 


You have every reason to wear several bands with different designs on the same finger on your big day. The Eternity style bridal ring is a prime jewellery trend in recent times. Eternity bands contain small diamonds throughout the ring and can also be paired with a flattering ring for some additional bling. They make an ideal engagement ring that symbolizes eternal love.


'Less is more’ is a new fashion mantra. Simplicity and elegance best define the modest bride-to-be. And rings with a simple design have always been the trendiest style for a bride’s engagement ring. No distraction lies in the beauty of a plain metal band. Stacking the same with an eternity band or a solitaire makes it look even more magnificent. 

These unique styles come in diverse shapes and shades. Hence, they stand as the true pieces of art to be admired. We live in a time that highly values creative expression and distinctiveness. These designs emanate individuality, eternal love, and commitment. 

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