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By Niki Bruce
21 Aug 2020

Recycled Gold: A sustainable choice for bespoke jewellery

Sustainability has become an important consideration for many of us when spending our money on bespoke jewellery which is why Recycled Gold is becoming increasingly important.

Recycled Gold A Sustainable Choice for Bespoke Jewellery 1

The use of Recycled Gold and other precious metals is not a new concept, but more recently has played a more significant role due to increased interest and concern about social and environmental issues like ethical labour practices, mining and more environmentally friendly production. 

Of all the precious metals used in making jewellery, gold is the most easily recycled. Platinum, for example, is difficult and complicated to recycle. Electrochemical recycling processes used for platinum mostly use very toxic corrosive materials or electrolytes, or other materials that release toxic gases, making it a very damaging process.

What is Recycled Gold?

Recycled Gold, also known as reclaimed gold, comes from electronic items, industrial metals as well as existing jewellery. The gold is refined to eliminate even the slightest of impurities to produce the pure metal which is chemically identical to the quality of newly mined gold. 

Recycled Gold A Sustainable Choice for Bespoke Jewellery 2

By integrating recycled gold in the supply chain, a manufacturer can successfully address the twin issues of environmental and ethical manufacturing issues. There are also other types of ‘eco gold’ you can use in your bespoke jewellery pieces. Gold that is described as being ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green gold’ is metal that has been refined without using cyanide, mercury or other hazardous chemicals. This is usually done using something called the gravity method.

Recycled Gold A Sustainable Choice for Bespoke Jewellery 6

Recycled Gold bespoke jewellery is just as exquisite as any other piece of gold jewellery because it is basically the same thing. With a growing focus on the ecological effects of mining and conflict-free metal trading, reclaimed gold has become more attractive to conscious buyers. 

How to know your gold really is recycled

As a buyer, you want to know that the gold you are buying really is recycled, so you need to trust your jeweller. However, a reputable jeweller will be able to show you proof of the origin of your precious metal.

Recycled Gold A Sustainable Choice for Bespoke Jewellery 4

For example, you can get certified recycled gold from organisations like the Responsible Minerals Initiative or the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance. You can also provide your own gold via the use of existing jewellery pieces. When creating a bespoke jewellery piece your jeweller can melt down and reuse the materials.

Is it a reliable choice?

Gold remains one of the most frequently recycled of all precious metals, as it can easily be transformed with heat, and then be reused numerous times with no reduction in its value or purity. The concept really isn’t new, people have recycled gold to recreate jewellery for centuries.  

Recycled Gold A Sustainable Choice for Bespoke Jewellery 5

A recycled gold jewellery collection is limited only by your imagination when quality and beauty come together in responsibly sourced, Recycled Gold jewellery.

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