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By Niki Bruce
23 Apr 2021

Rare diamond cuts are all the rage

Rare diamond cuts are slowly taking over the preferences of jewellers and buyers alike, as predictable brilliant diamonds become increasingly passé according to some jewellery designers.

Rare diamond cuts are all the rage the jewel box Singapore 1

In 2021 there has been a sharp rise in unique cuts, exceptional settings, and out-of-the-box architecture for diamond jewellery. Stressed and pandemic stricken consumers are flocking toward something more exotic and fanciful as their choice of jewellery. Nothing beats the high of a trinket that helps reduce the uncertainty, and tedium of painful times.  

Modern settings and unconventional designs make diamond rings more offbeat, which is why fine jewellery brands and designers are now looking for rare diamond cuts that add an extra dimension to a creative piece of bespoke jewellery

Portrait-cut or hexagon diamonds

One of the most sought-after designs is the portrait-cut or hexagon-shaped stones. These are particularly suited for individuals with a compelling sense of personal style and prefer jewellery that reflects their true self. 

Rare diamond cuts are all the rage the jewel box Singapore 2

When you are coveting the unpredictable, differently shaped gemstones can provide the much-needed break! Designers are drawing inspiration from uncommon architectural designs that lend to never-seen-before angles and silhouettes. Naturally, buyers get drawn to distinctive cuts, shapes, and wondrous asymmetry.

Different types of diamond cuts

The design inspirations run the entire diamond spectrum. Elongated shapes of diamonds as well as marquise cuts have witnessed steady buyer interest. These elongated stones set in East-West orientation look especially unique. The refreshing trend gets extended to shield and kite-cut diamonds along with the hexagon shape.

Rare diamond cuts are all the rage the jewel box Singapore 3

Rare diamond cuts don’t always need to be new. Antique diamonds have become another popular choice. Requests flood specialty designers for these vintage cut diamonds. The antique versions of the popular and classic cushions and rounds are rare. Both clients and collectors are making a beeline for these special stones.

No two antique diamonds are cut or look alike. Among antique diamonds, stones with lower colour grades in the range of M, N, O, P are seeing a clear rise in popularity. They don’t look like the flawless, modern,  new diamonds you can buy anywhere. The authenticity, rarity, and warmth of colour make these a better choice over run-of-the-mill colourless diamonds. These qualities make a rare diamond cut engagement ring a poignant connection for the bride to love and cherish.

No trend is the real trend!

Designers agree that the biggest trend in diamond engagement jewels is the lack of any real trend. It’s entirely specific to the person, and their preferences. Nonetheless, divergent tastes only point to one persistent direction – meticulous clients are looking for something extraordinary in their diamond engagement rings.

Rare diamond cuts are all the rage the jewel box Singapore 4

Brides are not afraid of going against the ‘trends’ and ‘traditions’. They are ready to create their interpretation of being a modern and unorthodox bride.   

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