South American legend has it that the Tagua nut, found deep in the Amazonian Rainforest, emits a magnetic energy that embodies the prolific power of femininity and renders the wearer irresistibly desirable. Celebrating this magical attraction, the talismanic Chikka Collection of avant-garde rings has been designed to marry the earthy, organic beauty of the Tagua nut with dynamic curves, eye-catching colours and dazzling diamonds. Crafted from the nut itself, each meticulously-crafted ring within the Collection takes you on a walk on your very own wild side with a unique creature motif inspired by the Tagua’s South American habitat.

Choose to channel the sinuous grace of the puma, the predatory beauty of the jaguar or the striking boldness of the zebra and unleash your animal magnetism…

Here is just a sample of our many creative jewellery pieces. Please contact us to view our current range of jewellery.

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