Tropical Garden Handcrafted Agate and Porcelain Bangles

Tropical Garden Handcrafted Agate and Porcelain Bangles Bangles
  • Black diamonds
  • Colourless diamonds

Enter into a magical world of the tropical garden, a world of sunlight and shadows, light and dark, black and white. Amongst the blades of long summer grass, playful dragonflies and other insects hide, ready to take flight, should their entrancing oasis be discovered…


This masterpiece is composed of two parts, one made of black agate, comprising individual stalks of tall grass set with white diamonds, and one of white porcelain, where the individual stalks of tall grass are set with black diamonds.

Meticulously crafted dimensional insects, made in 18K yellow gold, are delicately placed on the surface of the bangle, ready to fly out of the grass. Showcasing a scene from one of the most peaceful and serene landscapes in nature, this black agate, white porcelain and diamond bangle set is a an exquisite piece of art.

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Ref: BA0645

This amazing jewellery is now with its proud owner. Let's talk if you'd like something customised.


Stacked or solo, our bangles are whimsical and wondrous. Not just lovely to look at, we take special care of every stage of creation by hand, making sure each detail stands out from stones to settings.

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