Sweet Lullaby Diamond & Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings

Gently swaying to and fro, these Sweet Lullaby Diamond and Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings are the perfect balance between spectacular and simple. Golden South Sea Pearls are the largest pearls in the world, their colour is completely natural and need nothing more than to be set perfectly with diamonds to create a stunning piece of fine jewellery. From the 18K white gold round brilliant cut diamond encrusted earpieces, to the elegant diamond swings carrying the pearls below in these Sweet Lullaby Diamond and Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings, elegance has never looked so good. Ref: ER2485

Take a closer look at this stunning jewellery at The Jewel Box Singapore atelier.


Designer danglers, studs, shoulder dusters and drops showcasing a stunning display of precious materials handcrafted in the finest of settings.

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