Simian Splendour Handcrafted Coral and Diamond Necklace

Simian Splendour Handcrafted Coral and Diamond Necklace Necklaces

    When they discovered this piece of natural coral the highly skilled craftsmen and designers at The Jewel Box wanted to create a Masterpiece that truly embraced the essence of the material they were working with – Nature. Always up to challenging the norm, the result is a splendid wildlife scene depicting a primate made of gold and diamonds, hanging off gold and coral branches, luscious with jungly flora. A truly one-of-a-kind necklace with hundreds of storylines waiting to be exchanged between its wearer and admirers alike.


    Inspired by the wildlife that exists around us, this necklace showcases nature’s cheekiest animal: The monkey. Meticulously designed, this magnificent necklace features a branch of natural coral completed with a handcrafted yellow and white gold monkey encrusted with diamonds, along with coral beads. A playful yet sophisticated jewellery piece, this necklace is simply breathtaking and one of a kind. 

    Ref: NE0610

    This amazing jewellery is now with its proud owner. Let's talk if you'd like something customised.


    Bold and brave pieces of luxury that bear testament to what your inspiration and our creativity could become. We dare to go where others may not, turning unusual materials into awe-inspiring neckpieces.

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