Happy Hellos Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings


Cheerful and lighthearted, these lively earrings feature yellow and orange fancy-coloured diamonds, adorned with colourless brilliant-cut diamonds. With only 1 in 10,000 diamonds having a fancy colour, our designers have meticulously crafted this stunning pair of earrings, showcasing the diamonds’ beauty and value.

Suitable for any occasion, the Happy Hellos fancy yellow and orange diamond earrings are a unique and fun alternative to colourless diamond jewellery.

Want a matching pendant to go with these earrings?

Ref: ER2405

Take a closer look at this stunning jewellery at The Jewel Box Singapore atelier.


Designer danglers, studs, shoulder dusters and drops showcasing a stunning display of precious materials handcrafted in the finest of settings.

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