Carnival Multi-coloured Tourmaline and Diamond Necklace

Carnival Multi-coloured Tourmaline and Diamond Necklace Necklaces
  • 266
    3.56cts diamonds
  • 5
    31.39cts big tourmalines
  • 6
    9.01cts small tourmalines

The Carnival necklace features a brilliant spectrum of stones laid out in a carousel of colours, deeply inspired by festivals and fiestas worldwide. Tourmalines scintillate as if in the spotlight of a joyous theatrical tradition. Diamonds weave and wave their way around the gems, reflecting the traditional dancing procession in every parade. At The Jewel Box we believe that the only real luxury is the festival of life, and we celebrate it with pride and gusto. Our Carnival necklace is the product of a dream-driven, festive expression of humanity and luxury.


Featuring over 40 carats of multi-coloured tourmalines, both large and small, the Carnival necklace is straight out of your most colourful fantasies. Adorned with 266 diamonds for a total diamond weight of 3.56cts, this necklace is a magnificent work of art inspired by the delightful mix of dazzling lights and bright colours at carnivals and festivals.

A true masterpiece that will be the absolute centre of attention at any event, indulge in this multi-coloured tourmaline gemstone rainbow.

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Ref: NE0898

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A celebratory testament to rich history, high fashion and impeccable taste, our jewellery masterpieces offer up a cornucopia of opulence and craftsmanship. Just as the name suggests, each individual jewel is a showpiece demonstrating the utmost mastery of concept and craft; sculpted and embellished to perfection, scintillating with seductive temptation, utterly unique. Here is not where you find the humdrum. Here is where you find precious heirlooms for generations to come.

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