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By The Jewel Box
27 Sep 2017

How to get a jewellery style of your own?

Jewellery style of your own - Bridal suite from The Jewel BoxWith the mass media’s pervasive influence on style, we may find ourselves blindly following trends and adopting looks as a result of commercialised mass produced goods. As we walk along the streets, sometimes we find someone else donning jewellery of a similar design. It is indeed ironic that freedom and individuality are increasingly being advocated, but we still find ourselves enslaved to the chains of popular opinion. It becomes harder to get a jewellery style of our own if fashion magazines and designers dictate what’s in and what’s not.

Well, we do live in a world where people are interdependent and it is hard to isolate ourselves from the preferences and choices of opinion leaders. The spiral of silence theory developed by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann stipulates that people voice out opinions they think the majority will accept due to fear of isolation. Also, the theory suggests that if people think that what they say will end up with them being a minority, they do not voice them out.

And so, how then do you get a style of your own? More often than not, our likes and initial conceptions of jewellery are swayed by the mass media. We think that jewellery has to look a certain way to be classified as posh or high fashion. We think that way because people say so. As such, crucial questions to ask ourselves include:

“What do I actually like?”

“What have I always dreamed of wearing but never dared to?”

We need to know these ourselves. We need to take some time to appreciate who we are: our personality, likes and quirks. Embracing ourselves, the essence of what makes us tick, is the beginning of the road to self-discovery and personal style.

Having said that, it is important to remember that personal style and jewellery trends do go hand in hand. They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, each inspires the other. Without fashion trends, sometimes we are at a loss as to how to start, so we can take our cues from the mass media while adding a little touch of individuality. It may be a string of pearls with blue sapphires or a yellow diamond amidst a Mughal-inspired necklace, and the list goes on. A blend of fashion and what you like will allow your personality to shine through.

There is a large array of precious stones and metals out there to suit every need and preference, so don’t settle for mass produced retail goods.

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