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By Rohizan Wahab
21 Feb 2018

Necklace guide: The right neckpiece for different necklines

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A go-to necklace guide for making any outfit pop with the right piece

Fashion guru Rachel Zoe once said, ‘I see bold accessories as a woman’s armour,’ and we couldn’t agree more. Every outfit needs to be accessorised, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to do that, especially for those of us who aren’t natural fashionistas.

In this necklace guide, let’s start with different necklines and how each outfit can be charming with various necklace designs.  

Necklace Guide - Off Shoulder Dress by Collate

Off-shoulder Dress by Collate (Image: Collate)

Necklace Guide - Carnival Necklace by The Jewel Box

Carnival Necklace by The Jewel Box

It goes without saying that something like this off the shoulder dress by COLLATE, a Singaporean brand, is the perfect canvas for displaying your favourite neckpiece. Go against the current trend of big dangly earrings and choose to dazzle by showcasing those collarbones instead! Almost every necklace style suits such an outfit, however we see this as an opportunity to wear a diamond necklace statement piece, such as the Carnival masterpiece.  It showcases 266 diamonds, which weave their way through over 40 carats of coloured tourmalines, creating a brilliant spectrum of stones.

Necklace Guide - Plunging Neckline Dress by Ong Shunmugam

Plunging Neckline Dress by Ong Shunmugam (Image: Ong Shunmugam)

Necklace Guide - Mirabelle Necklace by The Jewel Box

Mirabelle Necklace by The Jewel Box

A dress with a plunging neckline, like this one from local designer Ong Shunmugam, is a sure-fire attention getter. But all those eyes can feel a little off-putting though, if people keep forgetting to look at your face when they speak to you. Solve this problem for everyone by wearing a necklace such as Mirabelle, a piece that deserves its own entourage. With gradating shades of rubies and tourmalines set in white gold with diamonds, now everyone has a legit reason to enjoy that neckline of yours.

Necklace Guide - Backless dress by Stolen

Backless Dress by Stolen (Image: Stolen)

Necklace Guide - Theodora by The Jewel Box

Theodora Masterpiece by The Jewel Box

For the truly daring, your back is a special way to showcase jewellery. The Bareback dress by Stolen will look exceptional with our Theodora. While this piece can actually be worn four different ways (as a brooch, a pendant, a necklace or a headpiece), its effect as a necklace worn backwards on a backless dress is mesmerising. The geometric symmetry of diamonds set in white gold and crowned by a spectacular 21ct blood red rubelite will have people turning their heads… even when you have your back to them.

Necklace Guide - White Collared Shirt by Exhibit

White Collared Shirt by Exhibit (Image: Exhibit)

Necklace Guide - Layla Necklace by The Jewel Box

Layla Necklace by The Jewel Box

Statement necklaces don’t need to be kept for special events. In a corporate environment where tailored outfits are necessary, display your personality with your choice of neckpiece. A crisp white collared shirt such as this one can show off a good necklace wonderfully. The Layla strand of black pearls and diamonds is a powerful combination of class and elegance.

Necklace Guide: Dresses by ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh

Dresses by ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh (Image: Sabrina Goh)

Necklace Guide: Phoebe Necklace by The Jewel Box

Phoebe Necklace by The Jewel Box

Another way to wear your necklaces is by layering them for a bohemian look. To pull this off without your outfit looking too ‘busy’, it is important to keep things simple. ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh is the eponymous multi-brand store of a Singaporean stylist. It specialises in sleek, minimalistic clothing which you can easily accessorise with two or more layers of necklaces. The trick is to make sure that they are of varying lengths and designs. For example, the Phoebe strand with its geometric motifs of rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds would work beautifully with an omega chain featuring the Tangerine Dream pendant.

Necklace Guide - Tangerine Dream Pendant by The Jewel Box

Tangerine Dream Pendant by The Jewel Box

Choosing the right necklace for different necklines might be a daunting but we hope that this necklace guide can help you choose the right piece to wear with your favourite outfits.

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