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By The Jewel Box
1 Nov 2017

Men and jewellery

men's jewellery

Guys, what do you think of men’s jewellery? Do you wear them?

They say men who wear earrings make good husbands. For one, they have experienced pain in the name of vanity and secondly, they have bought jewellery.

We have male celebrities like Kanye West and David Beckham seen in ear studs, punk rock singers wearing silver rings and hip hop artists brandishing their bling.

The most common jewellery associated with office-going men would be cufflinks and tie pins. Jewellery is a fashion item and a form of showing status and identity. In other words, it serves as a platform for the expression of male individuality.

Men and jewellery is not a recent thing. In fact, they go way back to primitive tribal times where jewellery was made of wood, stone and ivory. Remember cavemen scenes in movies where they wear necklaces made of animal teeth?

Men’s jewellery then and now is viewed with significant cultural meanings. Different gemstones are thought to be able to dispel evil and anger, and to give serenity. Superstitious tribesmen wore jewellery for protection and to boost prosperity.

Egyptian men were also famous for their jewellery. They used stones to adorn their breastplates, wristbands and gold headbands. They were rather extravagant with their jewellery for it was a sign of prestige and power.

Sailors were another group who wore them. Many had pierced ears with studs or hoops made of gold or silver. Some believed that these were to be taken as a form of payment for those who buried them if they were found dead after a shipwreck. Others said that ear pieces marked the achievement of having sailed around the world. Whatever it might have been, jewellery and men started a long time ago.

It is interesting to see how jewellery has evolved over time and that men have never failed to put them on no matter the reason. Time has proven that jewellery is meant to be embraced and they are not only meant for women. So to all the men out there, go get your jewellery game on today!

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