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By Niki Bruce
15 Dec 2020

Learn the tricky art of Layering Necklaces

art of Layering Jewellery 1

Layering necklaces is a core part of the Bohemian Chic trend that has enjoyed quite a fan following over the last decade. Every season the concept of layering remains a constant on the runways and with social media influencers. Less is more does not ring true when it comes to layering. The more, the better!

How to perfectly layer your necklaces

Fashion bloggers and celebrities have shown us the many processes of artful layering. Two or more layers of thin gold chains, retro and chunkier pendants combined with delicate chokers, varied lengths of dainty necklaces – think these and more! Get inspired from the finest of necklace pairings to build your very own layered look that tells many a story while speaking for itself.

Match, mix and contrast various chains

The interplay of textures is the first step towards achieving a stylish look. If you like your jewels pretty and refined, try matching and mixing chains of different styles. A different one will complement another so every individual piece will stand out while being within a crowd.

A finer base of coin necklace

Coin necklaces have witnessed growing popularity. This ubiquitous necklace can be your ideal starting point. Start layering with this focal point as you build up from there. A coin necklace doubles up as the sleek base as it is immensely layering-friendly. A drop coin pendant can be mixed with a choker-inspired, shorter chain link necklace. A wide chain link necklace offers a beautiful contrast to the layers of dainty pendants.

Layer pendants of different lengths

Layering necklaces is incomplete if you don’t comprehend the magic of lengths. Length is key! Chains of different lengths offer each pendant a chance to shine and glow in its own moment. Double and triple pendants are beautifully stylish.

Layering necklaces that are vintage also needs a worthy mention in the catalogue of layering. Vintage necklaces with unique pendants add a touch of sophisticated glamour. Think of an anchor design pendant necklace, you can wear it alone to channel a 1980s vibe or throw it on with more necklaces with chunky pendants to take your layering game a notch above.

Add a touch of the tropically exotic into the layering mix

Seashell jewellery is back with a bang. With an increased focus on sourcing sustainable and green materials in jewellery, seashells bring a breath of fresh air. All the predictability of your multiple gold chains can be stunningly broken with a conch-shell necklace. The varied shape and colour of seashells offer a deliberate disruption in the golden hued monotony of gold necklaces.

You can wear a conch-shell necklace alone or pair it with dainty gold chains and pendants. A statement-making seashell necklace with stunning pendants and complete sculptural pieces in diverse shapes – there is no better way to turn heads and enjoy all the attention!  

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