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By Niki Bruce
23 Jun 2021

Joyful jewellery brings a smile to your face

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It is that time of the year when you can wear all your breezy dresses, boho, joyful jewellery, and gladiator sandals. This style of jewellery will certainly lift your mood. 

What is joyful jewellery?

Any piece of vibrant jewellery can qualify as joyful jewellery for as long as it is not the run-of-the mill stuff. These may include anything from chunky neon rings to smiley faces, from rainbow beads to bug and animal motifs. 

You can easily pair a big pink strawberry one ear with a pearl in the other. You can choose colourful jewellery made of beads to get into the holiday mood or a pair of smiling daisy earrings.

Why should you wear it?

While the pandemic has been a killjoy for over a year now, the vaccination drives and the gradual resumption of activities seem to be gradually opening the doors for us to venture out into the open. Through the pandemic, barring the masks and face shields, one hardly cared about clothes and accessories. But now that we have somewhat tied over the situation, we can again start thinking about them, especially with the onset of summer.

How can you wear joyful jewellery?

If you are someone who loves wearing rings, then you can wear some cool stuff as part of your summer jewellery. A stylised loop in gold can make for some fun jewellery. You can also wear other rings that complement it. You can also wear stack rings, which go well with the summer style. Also, a summer wardrobe is all about bright colours, which automatically gets one into a joyful mood. Add to it some, joyful jewellery and you are all set. 

When it comes to joyful jewellery, how can one not talk about kids? Anything that is colorful and bright attracts young children. The colorful jewellery goes well with their personalities. Little charms based on things like a hobby, nature, adventure and good luck can be worn by kids. These cute little charms can be part of a chain or bracelet. Boys prefer charms based on sports like cricket, basketball, hockey, ice skating, and hockey. Both boys and girls like letter charms. You can also collect beads with letters engraved on them to spell their name. This will get them all the more excited about wearing it.

This kind of joyful jewellery can be great gifts for kids. Cute little butterfly rings and earrings bring a smile to the face of the kids wearing them.

Where to buy?

You do not need to go far to buy these beautiful pieces. You can get the same in your neighbourhood store or even shop for them online. Also, these are extremely affordable and therefore one does not need to spend a fortune in order to buy joyful jewellery. In fact, these simple, colourful pieces of attractive jewellery bring a smile on the face of the person wearing them, no matter which age group they belong to. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go, select and get your favourite piece of joyful jewellery right away.

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