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By Niki Bruce
19 Mar 2020

Jewellery industry trends for 2020 and beyond

Since it is the first quarter of 2020, it is time to make some sure predictions about the jewellery industry trends of the year. These are the industry trends that are likely to dominate the jewellery market for the rest of the year. 

These predictions are more in the way of industry trends, rather than fashion trends, but it is interesting to see where, and what, we might be shopping in 2020. 

Sustainability Will Be the Driving Engine of the Jewellery Industry

Since the start of 2019, we have been hearing a lot about sustainability. Since then, a lot of market leading brands have been hopping onto the bandwagon driving the train of sustainability forward. But in 2020, we are finally going to see what environmentalists and eco-friendly buyers have been waiting for. Jewellers who are still standing by the revolution will also join the fray, which is going to make the movement more forceful, and hopefully more fruitful. 

Jewellery industry trends for 2020 and beyond STONE SETTING

In 2020, we will see a lot of brands taking up the ecological cause and running with it. This prediction raises questions about the methods and ways in which jewellers will pursue this cause. For one, there will be zero-waste packaging. Plastics will be eliminated from packaging and replaced with minimal biodegradable options. 

We will also see a lot of sustainable merchandise and materials: Recycled gold and lab-made diamonds etc., will be more common in 2020. Not-for-profit gemstone companies will extend more support to mining communities around the world. 

All in all, the industry will embrace sustainability in a way that we haven’t seen before. 

Small Sellers of Locally Crafted Jewellery Pieces Will Rise

If you have been a brand slave up until now, 2020 will change that because this is the year of well-curated, small-scale jewellery stores. On the coattails of sustainability, these jewellers will step up. 

SINGAPORE Jewellery industry trends for 2020 and beyond OPAL

To gauge the sustainability of their purchases, buyers will turn to small sellers who deal with locally made jewellery that can be traced back to its origin. 

Curious buyers, through these smaller jewellers, will be able to find out if a seller undermines his or her environmental claims or really lives up to them. 

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Jewelry Stores Will Digitise Their Services 

Finally, the jewellery industry will make progress towards complete digitisation. With most industries being there or on the way, it’s time for jewellers to pull up their socks and make their services digital. 

Making and repairing time will also be cut down, digital communication will be enabled and internet-based after-sale platforms will be launched to cater to clients. 

So these are the jewellery industry trends to look forward to in 2020. How will they affect your jewellery buying choices?

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