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By Rohizan Wahab
26 Mar 2018

Discover the reasons why The Jewel Box is unlike any other jeweller

reasons the jewel box singapore unique bespoke fine jewelleryNo compromise; care and passion … these three reasons are why The Jewel Box is unlike any other jewellery salon.

Founded in Singapore 25 years ago, this private jewellery atelier has been created from the knowledge, passion and energy of husband and wife team Vinod and Sangeeta More.

With a family legacy in the jewellery and precious stones trade in Hong Kong, Vinod felt that something was missing when it came to offering customers a personalised and discreet service. Inspired by private banking, Vinod realised that a similar concept would work for customers looking for specialised, bespoke jewellery design.

A knowledgable, discreet, personal jewellery service

reasons the jewel box singapore unique bespoke fine jewellery

“I felt that there was a level of knowledge missing when it came to the retail fine jewellery options in Singapore. There was a need for a private jeweller, someone who could act as a consultant, be very discreet and provide solutions for customers,” explains Vinod.

“When I founded The Jewel Box, it was with this aim – to provide a very highly personalised service, to make house calls, to work with individuals for years; to have customers that become friends and family.”

Vinod is very passionate about what he does. He obviously loves  his industry, but just as importantly he loves working with people.

It’s not just about selling a product …

reasons the jewel box singapore unique bespoke fine jewellery

“The Jewel Box is about providing a solution to a person’s need. It’s not about just selling a product,” says Vinod. “You come to see us, sit down, have some of our famous Honey Lemon Tea house drink and just talk. Sometimes the jewellery doesn’t even come out!” he laughs.

With such a personal level of service comes the consideration of an industry expert. Vinod explains that he won’t push customers into buying something from him, “There’s no compromise in the work – if can’t be done, I will say ‘no’.

He will not shy away from explaining to clients that they may be able to get a piece of jewellery for a lower price, but that he can guarantee The Jewel Box piece will be special. “I will give them a choice,” says Vinod.

No compromise in quality or service …

reasons the jewel box singapore unique bespoke fine jewellery

No compromise in quality and service are core principles for Vinod.

“I’m very upfront about the costs, the quality and the details of the jewellery designs,” he explains. “I won’t make a ‘cheap’ product just to get the business. My quality control standards are very, very high.”

At The Jewel Box the in-house jewellery workshops are subject to random site visits and the team conducts multiple quality checks. When designing a new piece of jewellery, The Jewel Box will go through many drawings – sometimes hundreds of them – refining the design over and over again.

“We recently created a leaf design for a client; I spent days walking around picking up real leaves to ensure that we got the details perfect,” Vinod explains.

“It does show in the look and feel of the pieces. When you wear them you will notice the little things, like how they fit on the body and are comfortable to wear.

“We really focus on the details, the proportions. All our jewellery has multiple profiles in three dimensions.”

The Jewel Box is also known for hand-crafting their pieces. They do not do mass casting of pieces – each piece is created by hand by skilled artisans.

“In a way we are spoiling our clients,” says Vinod, “they don’t expect to get this level of detail.”

But this is Vinod through and through. Although it might sound cliche, he really does care about his clients and making them happy.

“Building a relationship is the most important thing. I want to know my clients. When someone comes to me for a proposal ring, I like to know about the person we’re designing for, to make the piece suit them. Who are they, how tall are they, where do they work, what are their favourite styles. The person buying the ring may be a little confused about what to get for them, but I can help the customer work out the best possible choice for the perfect ring.

“I want them to be comfortable. I care very much about knowing my customers are happy,” says Vinod.

Discover just some of the amazing unique, bespoke jewellery pieces that The Jewel Box has created.

To experience The Jewel Box private jewellery atelier in Singapore, call +65 6733 4100. For more information about the bespoke service that’s available in Singapore, click HERE.

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