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By Niki Bruce
23 Jun 2021

How to clean and maintain your diamond ring

Your precious diamond ring calls for tender loving care to maintain its pristine condition. This valued possession needs your attention to preserve its value and shine. Diamond rings tend to get clouded with skin oils, moisturisers, everyday dirt, and oodles of sanitizer. Hence, it’s critical to care for your ring to keep its natural beauty intact.

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Here are a few useful and simple tips that can help preserve the quality of your diamond ring. Many jewellers will recommend you get the ring professionally cleaned with chemical or sonic cleaning technologies. However, if you’re not ready to fork out on expensive cleaning, the following at-home cleaning tips can help you achieve the same.

Dishwashing detergent

Dishwashing detergents make excellent gemstone cleaning agents. The hot water and detergent combination are a favoured choice as a diamond cleaner. The procedure entails mixing a small amount of detergent into hot water. The resulting solution can be used to loosen the dirt and grime fixed in the many crevices of your diamond ring. In the process, both the diamond and the ring get cleaned thoroughly. In case the dirt build-up refuses to budge, soaking the ring in the solution will ease the process.

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On most occasions, normal dishwashing detergents will serve your purpose. However, you should avoid using anything laden with strong chemicals. Moisturising soaps and shampoos are not a good idea as they will only cloud the stone. Dishwashing detergent is a comparatively safer choice.

Hot water

Cleaning your diamond requires hot water as it is a key ingredient. Hot water breaks down the hand cream or soap built-ups in the ring. Ideally, you should refrain from using boiling water as the scorching temperatures can damage certain parts of your ring instead of cleaning it. The ideal temperature should be a bit warmer than lukewarm. It is all the more critical to watch out for the temperature if your diamond ring contains other gems like pearls, emeralds, and opals. These softer gems will not be able to handle such searing heat and run the risk of permanent damage.


The most important aspect of your diamond cleaning regimen is an old toothbrush. A soft, used, old toothbrush is a great tool for cleaning around the diamond. It helps you reach the tricky nooks and crannies of the ring. You can use it with precision to effectively clean the entire ring instead of simply focusing on the diamond itself. When using the toothbrush on the ring, don’t scrub forcefully and instead use easier wiping motions to get rid of the grime. This motion of bristles in and around the ring helps dislodge the dirt after you soak it in warm water and detergent solution.

What not to use when cleaning your diamond ring?

Using sanitizers, household cleaners or baking soda can damage your ring and the diamond. Baking soda and cleaners containing ammonia are harmful to both metal, diamonds, and most importantly, your skin.

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