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By The Jewel Box
20 Mar 2018

How to choose the right jewellery for the man in your life

SINGAPORE: When it comes to jewellery, most men are at a loss. Apart from a stylish watch and their wedding band, men often feel that wearing fine jewellery doesn’t suit them. So here are some tips on how to choose the right jewellery for men.

So, it’s down to the women in their lives to help them out.

At The Jewel Box we have a number of useful questions to think about before you invest in a bespoke fine jewellery piece for a man.

Has he worn jewellery?
It is essential to clarify if your man is actually open to wearing jewellery. As we know, there are some men who are averse to even wearing a pair of cufflinks.

How often is he likely to wear it?
If the man you are shopping for isn’t likely to wear jewellery on a regular basis, cufflinks are a great option as they’re both practical and can be used either for work, or special occasion events like weddings.

How to choose right jewellery for men

Something for the man who really doesn’t like jewellery is a personalised keychain!

If he’s more comfortable about wearing jewellery you could look for a chain and pendant – these are an especially good choice if you’re looking to create a meaningful piece that can be worn when he wants to.

For men who like wearing jewellery, a ring is a great option. You can have a bespoke ring made that is comfortable for daily wear and will suit his wardrobe.

And if your man is all about making a statement, you could have a bespoke belt-buckle made. We recently created one for a client that cost more than five figures!

The most important question is: What is he likely to use?

How to choose right jewellery for men

An ordinary jewellery might only ask you about your budget, but at The Jewel Box we want to know more about the person you’re shopping for.

We want to be sure you get the right jewellery for your man, something he feels comfortable with and wants to wear.

For us, serving your best interests is paramount; we might even suggest you don’t buy jewellery if we feel it won’t work out.

Match the jewellery to his personality

How to choose right jewellery for men

If a piece of jewellery is appropriate, the next step is to match it with his personality. Does he prefer something ‘quiet and subtle’; or, if he’s in the entertainment business, then something more striking like a pair of diamond earrings?

We had a client whose partner was an avid sailor. We came up with a few sketches of rings bearing a sailing motif. Once we had more or less settled on a design, she brought him into the picture. He was delighted with the ‘surprise’ gift; and we then honed the design by asking him for his preferences.

The trick with selecting jewellery for men is to understand what turns him on. Once you know that, he’ll proudly wear whatever you give him.

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