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By The Jewel Box
20 Oct 2016

How to buy jewellery for her

How to buy jewellery for girlfriend by The Jewel Box

Choosing jewellery for a woman can be as bewildering for a man as asking him to choose a handbag or a ladies’ pair of shoes.

Most men will readily admit they are clueless as to where to even begin. Aside from even knowing what design she will like, there are practical concerns such as: “Will this bracelet be too heavy for her?” or “Is the length of this necklace suitable?”

How does a man begin?

When a male client walks into The Jewel Box, our first question is, “Do we know the lady he’s buying for?” If he is an existing client, there is a 50 percent chance she may already be our client—he knows she knows us and that’s why he is coming to see us. This is the ideal situation, because we already know her tastes and it becomes simply a matter of guiding him to match his wishes with her preferences.

In the event that we don’t know the lady in question, we begin by finding out what kind of jewellery he is looking for, what’s his budget, and purpose of the gift. There are many reasons a man will buy jewellery for a lady—beginning with an anniversary present to an ad hoc surprise; and, not uncommonly, a peace offering!

There are generally two broad categories of men who visit The Jewel Box. Firstly, it’s men looking for an engagement ring. In most cases, their fianceé has already hinted as to what she wants, so his primary consideration is the budget and how big should be the diamond. Gentlemen, pay close attention to her hints; she knows you are clueless, and hint she will.

The second type of person will have something to show us: “She’s always wanted something like this.” Note that clients of The Jewel Box come to us because they are looking for one-of-a-kind jewellery. They never come to have an identical copy created; rather, they want jewellery customised to suit individuality. What they show us is a starting point to commence the design process. At times, all a client may have is some vague recollection of something they saw years ago; it does not matter—there is always a way forward.

Once the client is pretty sure we have nailed the design, we suggest involving the lady at this point. It’s always prudent to have her approval before the jewellery is crafted. Invariably she will be touched by the gesture of your surprise gift; and you will score extra points for including her at a juncture where her input can have influence. Regardless of whether you involve her or not, adjustments to the design may always be made after the jewellery has been created.

What men need to know is that they have nothing to worry about. A visit to The Jewel Box will resolve any issues you may have regarding jewellery to bedazzle your special woman.

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