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By Niki Bruce
9 Dec 2020

How the philosophy of a Circular Economy works with your Jewellery

The concept of a circular economy aims to eliminate waste with the continual use and re-use of resources. It incorporates the ideas of upgrading, recycling, and repurposing instead of solely focusing on new and single-use products. Marrying this idea with jewellery may seem unlikely as it usually celebrates everything novel and new. New fashions, designs, new mines, new technology – the ever-evolving world of jewellery.

philosophy of a Circular Economy works with your Jewellery1

However, the popularity of single-use, trendy, on-season jewellery has resulted in landfills being crowded with discarded fashion. It seems you have no choice but to throw a cheap trinket away once it has outlived its usefulness due to breakages. Or do you?

How does the circular economy contribute to jewellery?

Hope is not lost if you still want to save the world without compromising on your fashion sense. Jewellery, and more specifically fine jewellery, can be entirely recyclable.

philosophy of a Circular Economy works with your Jewellery2

Precious metals like platinum, silver, and gold can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality. Gemstones including diamonds are virtually everlasting. Though gemstones may suffer some superficial scratches or damages over the years, they can be easily polished or re-cut to create a new gem.  

Cheap costume jewellery, however, will not offer enough value to make the task of recycling it economically feasible. But that need not deter you from making a sustainably viable and responsible choice. When opting for ‘circular’, you can make a few conscious decisions to achieve the goal.

Reorganise your jewellery collection

Cashing out the unused pieces of your jewellery collection is a good idea. It will give you a closer look at the art of recycling jewellery. You can sell it on eBay on any other online marketplace, to a second-hand dealer, to a refiner of precious metals, or even donate it to a charity.

philosophy of a Circular Economy works with your Jewellery 3

If your jewellery consists of platinum, silver or gold, get ready for a surprise. The amount you get for the metals will make your selling decision worthwhile.

Repurpose or Recycle

Recycling your old jewellery is an excellent option. You can create something new from the old simply by re-making and re-fashioning the design. That old heirloom diamond ring can be crafted into beautiful earrings. A number of small trinkets can be collected and collated to design something new. Heirloom artefacts often make stunning engagement and wedding rings, preserving warmth and the memories of loved ones in your journey to the future.

Remaking old jewellery is also a less expensive option than buying a new piece of comparable quality.

Invest in Vintage, Recycled, and Green

If you don’t have any old jewellery to start with, don’t lose heart. The goal of recycling can be achieved with some stunning results when you look for vintage or antique jewellery. With growing awareness of green and sustainable choices, any average jeweller can offer you recycled precious metals. Likewise, recycled and vintage precious gemstones are often available commercially.

philosophy of a Circular Economy works with your Jewellery 4

Find the right jeweller with an established network of responsible and ethical suppliers creates an opportunity for your to make the circular economy work for you. From polishing and reshaping of vintage gemstones to handcrafting an entire piece of jewellery – finding your perfect piece will be an exceptional experience.

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