Jewellery Stories
By Niki Bruce
29 Jun 2020

How do you come up with a unique jewellery design?

the jewel box unique jewellery design shavings collection GOLD PENDANT MODEL

Jewellery design inspiration comes from many different sources – conversations, travels, walks, the stones to be set. One of The Jewel Box’s most striking collections Shavings, came from our founder Vinod More’s strange inspiration.

the jewel box unique jewellery design shavings collection PINK EARRINGS 2

Vinod More, the creative head and founder of The Jewel Box, explains, through poetry, how this jewellery design was inspired by a random thought:

the jewel box unique jewellery design shavings collection DROP PINK EARRINGS

“I sat staring at a blank piece of paper, with a pencil in hand.

Waiting in patience for the mind to imagine.

Time passed as much as it stood still.

The pencil rolled over, tipped off the table and broke its lead.

With sharpener in hand, I twirled the pencil with a crisp sound.

And in uniform, almost poetic rhythm the shavings crept through the groove.

I tried to steady the hand to ensure the shaving didn’t snap.

With childlike enthusiasm, I tried to create the most extended shave.

And I did & then it struck me, could I shape this into jewellery?

I thought and pondered.

I reminisced a fairytale I had read as a child.

Where the straw turns into gold.

I thought if straw could, then why not pencil shavings?

And a collection was born.”

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