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By Niki Bruce
25 Nov 2020

How can your gold jewellery be Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutral gold jewellery has gone beyond being an inspiration – it has become a reality. The enormous amount of carbon emissions, rights violations, and environmental harm of some types of mining have led jewellers, miners, and most importantly, consumers to think and choose better.

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Offsetting 100% of the carbon emitted into the environment has become critical to safeguard the world. Global warming and climate change have already wreaked havoc. There’s no time like today to start saving the earth by making informed, intelligent, and sustainable choices. Take the first step by choosing a piece of carbon neutral gold jewellery. Businesses and buyers must come together to make an appreciable difference.

Why choose carbon neutral gold?

According to the World Gold Council (WGC), the ecological cost of purchasing gold jewellery has been increasing every year. A tonne of gold generates and releases a massive 32,690 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This statistic factors in the emissions of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) produced by participating organisations such as chemical processes, vehicles, and furnaces for gold extraction to the electricity used by the organisation.

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Thankfully, buyers ranging from big institutional investors to the individual millennial retail customer are becoming progressively more socially and environmentally conscious. They are specifically looking to invest in assets that leave an insignificant environmental footprint. The primary sphere of climate change has grown to incorporate the related environmental challenges of water and air pollution, loss of biodiversity, and habitat destruction.

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“Dirty gold” is a major issue in the entire gold supply chain. Retailers and miners – and everyone involved somewhere along the way – are striving to do away with the randomness of choosing wrong. Exploitation of human labour and unsafe practices have ignited a conviction among all stakeholders to improve this situation for the better.

How can the gold industry reduce emissions?

Mining is the biggest generator of the carbon footprint of producing gold. According to WGC, reducing reliance on fossil fuels i.e. diesel generators and opting for advanced technologies like drones to monitor locations, managing energy consumption by using energy efficient lighting and so on. Investment in renewable power sources can also help reduce emissions.  

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Carbon credits generated from the variety of projects can be assessed and the operational impact can be offset. Employing strict auditing across the spectrum from raw materials to production can be reassessed to deal with the unavoidable carbon emissions.  

What does carbon neutral mean for buyers?

Consciously choosing a sustainable and ethical brand that clearly defines its priorities and obligations is the first step you can take towards going carbon neutral. Asking questions is the next step. Do your research and ask for authentic certifications.

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An honest and committed jeweller must be able to prove the provenance while ensuring genuineness of the exercise. Your gold jewellery can be absolutely sustainable. By choosing ethically, you can help save this planet.

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