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By Niki Bruce
27 Mar 2020

How a jewellery box will make your life easier

Life is so much easier if you have a jewellery box. You don’t have to untangle your favourite chain every time you want to wear it, nor do you have to spend precious minutes looking for that second earring of a particular pair. The jewellery box is the only solution to these problems, plus it will also help to keep your jewellery protected and safe. 

singapore the jewel box How a jewellery box will make your life easier RINGS

With the right jewellery box you can keep your trinkets separate from your fine jewellery, your necklaces untangled and your bangles lined up in the right order. Here are the top six types of jewellery boxes you will get the most use out of.

Ring boxes

If you want to keep your rings sorted there are boxes with various storage options available. These boxes have slots where you tuck in the ring. The number of slots will depend on the number of rings you own. These slots are usually lined with velvet for extra protection. 

Necklace jewellery box

Instead of storing your necklaces in a large pile and struggling to detangle them when you try to wear one, you could use a necklace box. These jewellery boxes have hooks inside to hold your necklace in place. Some of these boxes may be flat or rectangular or even a square box that is lined with a tray that is lifted up once opened. These boxes may be suitable for single pieces of jewellery. However, there are also other boxes with multiple tray options that are arranged vertically or horizontally. 

singapore the jewel box How a jewellery box will make your life easier NECKLACE

Watch boxes

Watch boxes come with various slot options ranging from one to many. Usually made of leather, most of these boxes have glass lids. Since fine watches are super expensive, there are a wide range of equally expensive watch boxes to buy; watch winders are also a must if you have a collection of automatic watches. A watch winder is used to keep the automatic watch running when it is not being worn since automatic watches are kept wound based on a moving weight inside the watch. You don’t need a watch winder box if you have a battery-operated quartz watch. 

Earring jewellery box

If you need a box for a single pair of earrings, you will usually get one supplied when you buy the earrings. These boxes will have some sort of padded support with a mechanism for securing the earrings, and have a hinged or detachable top. You can also buy dedicated earring jewellery boxes that display and secure a number of pairs of earrings in a larger container.

Bangle and bracelet boxes

These boxes are designed to hold several bangles or bracelets and are usually square or rectangular in shape. The parallel rolls inside are designed so that they can be detached and bangles or bracelets can be hung on the rolls before they are put back in place. These boxes often have glass lids and can also have a mirror inside. You can also get boxes that are for single items – similar to single pair earring boxes – that have an elastic mechanism to hold the bangle or bracelet in place.

singapore the jewel box How a jewellery box will make your life easier DISPLAY

Jewellery display stands

You can also find specialised jewellery stands that copy the shape of the human body, like hands, or necks, for you to display your fine jewellery on instead of putting it away in a box. These types of stands are best if you have a dedicated section in your walk-in wardrobe or dressing room so the pieces will be protected from the sun and dust.

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